Great Britain Cycling Team - Cardiac Screening Policy

Great Britain Cycling Team - Cardiac Screening Policy


Any rider between the ages of 14 and 35 who wants to engage with GBCT (Programme riders, guest riders, Affiliates or Major Event Selection) must be able to provide proof of Cardiac Screening in the form of a Cardiac Screening report.

Any rider who wants to engage with GBCT as outlined above but does not want a Cardiac Screening must sign a disclaimer which is available from:

As of 1st January 2019, riders will not be considered for Major event selection, GBCT Programme Membership or any other form of engagement with GBCT without submission of either a Cardiac Screening report or Cardiac Screening disclaimer (as outlined above).

Riders who are on the GBCT programme will have their programme membership suspended (including any associated support e.g. APA) after 1st January 2019 if they do not have a valid Cardiac Screening report or disclaimer.

Riders who have had Cardiac screening organised for them by the GBCT medical dept will not need to submit their Cardiac Screening report as the GBCT medical team will already have this on file.

Cardiac Screenings are routinely valid for a timeframe of 2 years unless a rider has been informed otherwise at the time of their screening. It is the responsibility of the rider to ensure that they have a valid cardiac screening and that the GBCT medical dept have proof of this.

Any riders who are on GBCT Programmes should contact their GBCT coach to organise a Cardiac Screening.

Any non-GBCT Programme members can access  Cardiac Screening services at the following: or