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Welsh Cycling believe young people are a vital part of the participation pathway and would love to get more young people involved.

Welsh Cycling aims to expand their volunteer workforce. They believe young people are a vital part of the participation pathway and can be widely influential to the workforce and decisions being made. Welsh Cycling would love to get more young people involved, so we have decided to develop and implement our very own Welsh Cycling Young Ambassadors, offering young people the opportunity to be a part of Welsh Cycling & help implement our Vision.

Aims of the Programme:

  • To develop a sustainable volunteer workforce across Welsh Cycling.

  • To offer a young person’s perspective and opinion on cycling in Wales.
  • To be a recognised role model for Welsh Cycling.

  • To increase cycling participation opportunities


Individuals need to be passionate about cycling and enjoy being a part of cycling events and training. Individuals need to show good leadership, organisational skills, while being able to work as part of a team. 

Age Range: Individuals need to be in secondary school (Aged: 11-21). 

Role Description:

All individuals will be encouraged to be involved in the following generic roles at levels appropriate to their age:

  • Leading and empowering their peers to get involved in volunteering.
  • Encouraging participation across cycling in Wales.
  • Supporting and helping out at events and training.
  • Advocating the benefits of a healthy active lifestyle.
  • Completing courses and training programmes to help the individual develop their skill set.
  • To be involved and engaged in Welsh Cycling events- Local, National & International.
  • To develop a sustainable communication pathway between the Welsh Cycling Youth volunteers.
  • To take on the role of a young person’s voice across cycling in Wales.
  • To communicate a young person’s perspective to the Club Volunteer Coordinators & the Welsh Cycling Volunteer Coordinator.

The Welsh Cycling Youth Volunteers will receive the appropriate resources and training necessary to undertake these roles and will be fully supported by the Welsh Cycling Volunteer Coordinator.  

The three stages:


Aged: 16-21

    To lead and assist with the Green & Amber WC Youth Volunteers within their local areas.

    To effectively communicate with the WC Volunteer Coordinator.

    To help plan & deliver events and training alongside Go Ride coaches.

    To attend the relevant Welsh Cycling Youth Programme meetings.


Aged: 14-16

To represent their clubs & local areas.

To lead and empower the WC Green Youth Volunteers.

Support and assist club coaches and WC Go Ride coaches.

To attend the relevant Welsh Cycling Youth Programme meetings.


Aged: 11-14

To volunteer in their local club & at events.

To promote Welsh Cycling aims & values.

Encourage friends to participate and volunteer.

To attend the relevant Welsh Cycling Youth Programme meetings.

Young Ambassadors will be offered a range of internal and external opportunities. These will include assisting at Welsh Cycling Events, assisting with conferences and workshop delivery and engaging with National opportunities sent over by British Cycling and Sport Wales.

YA’s will be invited to attend as many recognition events as possible, including the YA National Conference, the Welsh Cycling Awards Evening and many other fantastic experiences for a young person, as a reward for all their hard work and efforts. 

If you would like the chance to become a Welsh Cycling Young Ambassador and be a part of such an exciting opportunity, then please find the application form below.

Application Form

Application Form - Welsh Language

All completed application forms need to be returned to youngambassadors@welshcycling.co.uk or bethan.nesham@welshcycling.co.uk


If you require any further information or have any questions please contact:

Welsh Cycling Volunteer Coordinator: Beth Nesham

Email: bethan.nesham@welshcycling.co.uk

Mobile: 07808524766

Useful Links:

Sport Wales Young Ambassador page


Link to information pack & Application form

Link to social media pages:

Twitter- @WelshCyclingYAs

Instagram- @WelshCyclingYAs