First Aid for Ride Creators and Ride Leaders

First Aid for Ride Creators and Ride Leaders

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First Aid Requirements

First aid is not required for ride creators wishing to create rides using HSBC UK Ride Social, it is an extra bonus in your group cycling arsenal to help keep participants safe whilst out and about.

Those ride creators who have attended a Ride Leadership course are required to hold a valid emergency first aid certificate so that they are insured to lead rides using British Cycling’s Insurance for Coaches, Leaders and Instructors.

This can be completed before or after the course though we recommend completing it before you attend the Ride Leadership Award so that, on completion of the course, you can begin leading right away.

The following elements must be present in the training:

  • 3 hours minimum of face-to-face learning
  • Dealing with the wounded and bleeding
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
  • What to do in an emergency
  • Dealing with an unconscious casualty

To find a course in your area please check the range of courses offered by British Cycling, The British Red Cross or St Johns Ambulance.