Could Cycling help people who connect with your organisation?

Could Cycling help people who connect with your organisation?

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Could Cycling help people who connect with your organisation?

As the governing body for the sport in Wales, Welsh Cycling are keen to help increase the number of safe cycling opportunities though out the county.The benefits of recreational cycling are well reported with improvements seen in people’s mental and physical wellbeing after just a short period of time in the saddle.

The recent increase in ‘Social Cycling’ groups across Wales has helped to provide thousands of accessible opportunities for service users, employees and the general public to improve their health by joining with others for a ride.

The provision of outdoor physical activity opportunities by an organisation or group has the potential to bring great health and wellbeing benefits to those connected to it as well as creating a strong team ethos and improving communication.

Welsh Cycling are planning to host a number of free of charge ‘Social Cycling’ training opportunities during 2018. These courses are aimed at upskilling motivated individuals who see benefit in creating cycling opportunities within an organisation or social group.

Training will consist of a range of workshops, webinars and support events to cover:

  • An overview of social cycling and its benefits to the community and individual
  • Methods of behaviour change
  • Reducing the barriers to cycling participation
  • Route planning tips
  • Group development advice
  • Motivation methods
  • Ride inspiration
  • Marketing and promotion techniques
  • An overview of the participation programs and tools
  • Case studies and best practice examples
  • Networking opportunities

By the end of the sessions you should be confident in the benefits, creation, maintenance and promotion of a social cycling group. We will talk you through the entire process and support you in the creation of your first ride or ride series. You will also be knowledgeable enough to advise colleagues and service users in best practices whilst commuting and route planning.

Social Cycling support workshops will be available free of charge for organisations or members of the public living or working in Wales, courses will take place in various locations on a number of occasions throughout 2018 (Dates and Locations to be confirmed). If you would like to register your interest in attending a social cycling support workshop please see below.

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