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Inspirational Ros has come back from cancer to ride mountain bikes across the country and further afield and loves nothing more than hitting the trails at full speed.

Name: Ros Harper        
New Force MTB Club

What kind of riding do you do? 
I do mountain biking, just got into it seriously in recent years since cancer recovery 2011 (did South Downs Way for Cancer Charity straight after chemo and radiation therapy finished!) 

Then off road across Scotland unsupported the next year, then started XC racing and was invited into Dirt Divas Racing team. Got a few XC trophies, then had a few trips to UK trail centres, Chatel, and the Pyrenees which improved my skills (and courage), so now trying a bit of enduro and downhill as it's more exciting, although at my age, everyone tuts when I'm injured and tells me to be more careful!

This year I've had two lots of surgery, including both knees replaced at once and getting back to cycling has always been my goal to get me through the recovery. I've been doing a bit of road cycling to help with building up the leg and  fitness but it's never as fun as off-road riding.

What do you enjoy most about cycling?
The adrenalin buzz – when I'm going fast down a flowy piece of singletrack, almost out of control, with a great big grin on my face!

What’s your favourite ride?
My local country park, a lovely little singletrack loop, not technical or steep but at the right time of day I have it all to myself and can bomb along trying to get faster each time.

What’s your top cycling tip to share?
Keep coming back after every injury or other setback; set little targets like booking up a race or sportive or an upliift at a bike park and then you have something to work towards.

If you had a tandem, who would you like to ride it with?
With my mate Flavia, because she's super fit, strong and tough, and has been a great inspiration to me, as well as waiting patiently for me on steep climbs!

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