Youth Track Omnium Series

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Dates and standings for the 2021 British Cycling Youth Track Omnium Series


Saturday 13th March: Newport

Sunday 14th March: Derby, Lee Valley, Manchester

Round 2

Saturday 17th April: Portsmouth

Sunday 18th April: 

Round 3

Saturday 8th May: Newcastle, Scunthorpe

Sunday 9th May: Carmarthen

Round 4

Saturday 22nd May: Dundee, Reading, Welwyn, Halesowen (Updated)

Sunday 23rd May: Brighton

Round 5

Saturday 12th June: Bournemouth, Dundee (Updated)

Sunday 13th June: Herne Hill, Middlesbrough, Maindy (Updated)


Saturday 18th July: Lee Valley

Regulations update

A number of regulations have been updated to ensure the series format can take place under Covid-19 restrictions that may be in place at the time. 

Best two results to count for qualification for the final.

Should Scottish or Welsh Covid-19 restrictions prevent events from taking place and riders travelling to England, two places will be reserved in each category for each Home Nation.

2021 Regulations

2019 Series Standings

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