British Cycling and TrainingPeaks extend partnership to Rio and beyond

British Cycling and TrainingPeaks extend partnership to Rio and beyond

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British Cycling is pleased to announce a two-year partnership extension with TrainingPeaks - the Official Training Software Supplier to the Great Britain Cycling Team.

The extension means that the software will be used by Great Britain Cycling Team riders and coaches on the road to Rio and beyond.

From now until the end of 2016, TrainingPeaks will provide the Great Britain Cycling Team’s athletes and coaches with the best software to track, analyse and plan their training.

TrainingPeaks will provide the tools needed for riders to upload workout data, which can then be analysed by sports coaches, directors, doctors, and dieticians to improve customised training programs.

British Cycling’s technical director, Shane Sutton, said: “TrainingPeaks is a one-stop shop for everything we need in effective data analysis. The more we are able to understand about how our riders are training, the more we can tailor programmes to drive success.

“We’re now fully focused on the road to Rio and it’s great to know that we will be able to continue to benefit from using TrainingPeaks to help ensure that we are performing at the highest level.”

The same training tools provided by TrainingPeaks and relied upon by the Great Britain Cycling Team can also be utilised by British Cycling coaches and members to analyse and improve performance and achieve their own unique cycling goals.

Discounted rates are available for British Cycling accredited coaches, as well as its 100,000-strong membership. For a one-year subscription, Level 3 coaches can get a 50% discount, with gold members and level 2 coaches receiving 40% discount on the athlete premium program. All other members and level 1 coaches receive a 20% discount.

Dirk Friel, TrainingPeaks co-founder and president, said: “TrainingPeaks is proud to continue as the Official Training Software Supplier of British Cycling.

"Our goal has always been to provide athletes and coaches with a software solution to plan training, analyse data, and achieve results. We are happy to provide a solution for all cycling enthusiasts from recreational riders to Olympic gold medallists.”

Further details on prices and discounts for coaches and cyclists are available here.