Dowsett in 'a good place' for hour record attempt

Dowsett in 'a good place' for hour record attempt

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Alex Dowsett feels he is in the position he needs to be to break the hour record when he takes it on in Manchester on Saturday 2 May.

The British rider, who currently rides for Spanish team Movistar, has battled back from a broken collarbone suffered when training for the world record attempt originally scheduled for February but believes that he is in a better place now than prior to his injury.

The current record is held by Australian Rohan Dennis who set a distance of 52.491 kilometres in February.

"Training is going good, we are at that horrible phase in the final two weeks before the event when you can't get fitter but you can ruin it all if you do too much or too little,” Dowsett said.

“The numbers have been looking good though so it has been going pretty well.

"I'm in a better place than I was when I crashed. It has been tough, as before the broken collarbone I had really good momentum and was going really well.

“Since then it has gone well but I've not had the same momentum as I got ill a couple of times and had a few niggles here and there but I'm in a good place."

The 26-year-old, known for his time trialling ability, described the event as the ultimate time trial with man and machine against the next man and machine but is focussing on his own attempt rather than competing against Sir Bradley Wiggins, who takes on the event in July.

"It's not having any influence whatsoever on how I attempt the race,” Dowsett said.

“I've seen on social media what Brad's been doing and I'm not going to ride 55kmph but if that is what Brad is going to do then I am going to be one of the first ones to sit down and watch as it is going to be quite something."

Dowsett played down talk that Wiggins and he would go toe-to-toe taking on each other for the record like Chris Boardman and Graeme Obree did in the early 1990s but did say it would depend on where the record stood after the attempt by 35-year-old Wiggins.

The Essex born rider suffers with haemophilia and feels like this attempt is not only for him but also the haemophilic community and those that suffer with other rare diseases.

"Anyone that suffers from haemophilia or any other rare disease has been a real inspiration and motivation for me.

"The response from the haemophilic community after winning the Commonwealth Games really showed me how important what I am doing on a bike is for that community and while I already had ideas of setting the record, that demonstrated how big a world record attempt would be for that community.

"Come Saturday, I can't lose. Even if I don't break the record hopefully it will show a generation of people that suffer rare diseases should go out there and still have a go."

Tickets are available for the hour record attempt at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester which starts at 1pm.

The attempt will be broadcast live on British Eurosport 2 from 12.45pm on Saturday.