Technical Regulations reminder

Technical Regulations reminder

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We’ve had a successful start to the 2015 road racing season however a few points have come to our attention from organisers and commissaires that we would like riders to be aware of.

Riders please note: 

Riders have been entering more than one race in any one day

Please refer to technical regulation 1.3 noted below.    Please do not enter more than one race, if you find through transport issues and such like that you cannot race one event but could do something more local it is acceptable to contact the organiser and ask for your entry to be withdrawn and enter the more suitable event.

Riders have been using Disc brakes on their bikes

Currently UCI and BC do not permit the use of disc brakes on road bikes and UCI are currently investigating their use in the future.  Scottish Cycling generally align to both UCI and British Cycling rules and we agree with the rationale behind not allowing this piece of equipment. After consultation with BC and some of our Senior Commissaires the Scottish Cycling Road and Track Events Commission have decided until further notice that ‘no disk brakes should be used in a road race, closed circuit race and time trials in Scotland.  We will continue to monitor the responses from UCI and British Cycling in regards to this matter.

Riders cannot use recording equipment during competition

In 2015 Scottish Cycling board (in line with British Cycling) have introduced a new technical tegulation which forbids the use of cameras during competition.   See TR 1.19.4 below. 

Click here to download a copy of Scottish Cycling Technical Regulations* - hard copies of this document can be obtained by contacting

If any rider or clubs have any queries about the above please do not hesitate to contact either or your local Regional Development Officer.


1.3              No rider shall enter for two events on the same day, if unable to compete in both events owing to the time factor. When an entry has been received by a race organiser it becomes his/her property and may not be withdrawn without his/her written permission.

h)  Where a rider is found to be using a machine which in the opinion of the Chief Commissaire presents a danger to his/herself or others, the rider shall be withdrawn from the event

1.19.4         The use in competition of cameras attached to riders, cycles or helmets is prohibited, unless previously authorised in writing by the Scottish Cycling board.
                   Unless prohibited in the regulations of individual disciplines, cameras are permitted during practice or designated training sessions.  The rider is solely responsible for securing the fixation of the camera in order to avoid any danger or distraction.

* Please note the 2015 Scottish Cycling Technical Regulations will be published shortly