BMX coaching weekend with Grant White

BMX coaching weekend with Grant White

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A BMX coach development weekend was held at the National Cycling Centre in February.

The 24 coaches in attendance had the opportunity to spend time with British Cycling Olympic programme coach Grant White, British Cycling regional performance pathway coach Mark Seaman, as well as national riders and coaching and education tutors.

The weekend delivered a variety of development opportunities, covering topics including effective coaching, physical preparation, producing the plan, making sessions fun, the philosophy of the World Class Programme, technical skills and drills and the performance pathway for BMX. Coaches had the opportunity to network, observe riders in training, and ask questions of the riders and coaches.

Feedback received from the coaches was very positive:

“It reinforced that what I am doing is ok.”

“Keep it fresh, change things, have riders challenge each other.”

“Relationship between rider and coach is vital for trust and commitment.”

“To have all coaches working towards the same principles.”

Five key messages from Grant and Mark

Grant White

1. Hopefully the coaches picked up some new knowledge on the weekend. The key will be to use / introduce these “new” pieces of knowledge, and thus further develop their coaching and their riders.

2. The better the coach understands the sport, the better the chance the coach has of improving the riders. Be a student of the sport.

3. Take your time to really understand “where are we now”, and what do we need to work on.

4. Planning is key! Produce an outline plan for a number of weeks, thus ensuring there’s a progressive nature to your sessions, and also ensuring you’re covering all the important aspects of development.

5. Help your riders to do the basics REALLY well. The basics are the foundation for successful performance!

Mark Seaman

1. Make skills sessions varied and fun, these can be done on a relatively small area of flat ground.

2. Coaching is a process - Observation, Analysis and Feedback.

3. Rider centred coaching - involve riders in self-reflection.

4. Be open to new ideas, it is essential for a coach to lead by example and show they are willing to learn new things.

5. Take time to reflect on your own practice as a coach.

The team are hoping that this is the first of many, annual events. Mark will be delivering a number of regional forums and you could have the opportunity to attend the BMX Regional School of Racing.
For more information on the workshop or how to get involved contact Mark Seaman via email