International Women's Day - Louise Haston

International Women's Day - Louise Haston

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Name: Louise Haston

Age: 34

What type of cyclist are you?
Track Cyclist (Solo and Tandem Pilot)

How did you get involved with/ start cycling?
I Started cycling at the end of 2009.  I wandered over to Meadowbank Velodrome after a triple jump session one night, 5 minutes later Allister Watson had chucked me on a set of rollers and I’ve never looked back.

Tell us more about how you transferred from Athletics to Cycling?
I transferred over to Cycling from Athletics after umpteen knee and back injuries.  Being a triple jumper certainly wasn’t nice on the knee joints! Prior to triple jump i held the Scottish Record for pole vault and had collected numerous Scottish medals along the way, this started from cross country as a youngster then year by year i moved through most of the track and field events eventually sticking with triple jump.
I began to take the cycling more seriously after Scottish Cycling held a Gold 4 Glasgow programme, this was aimed at athletes switching over from other sports.  At the end of the process i was selected onto the programme along with a few other girls that are still cycling today, and who have been just as successful as me.

What’s the best thing about cycling?
The best thing about cycling for me is getting out and about on the bike, finding new places to explore whilst getting fresh air and keeping fit at the same time.  I also love the training i have to do to succeed, seeing the improvements week after week knowing all the hard work and effort i put into every session makes me love cycling even more.

Who inspires you?
There is not any particular person who inspires me, but i get inspired by all those who are working hard to be expert in their fields.

What’s you’re cycling highlight?
My cycling career highlight to date is being selected to represent my country at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and win 2 Silver medals on the tandem with Aileen McGlynn.  We also won Scotland first medal at the Games.

What would be your advice for someone wanting to get involved with cycling?
The advice i would give to anyone wanting to get involved in cycling, would be give it a go! it doesn’t matter what level you are at, there are cycling clubs out there for everyone, whether you are a beginner looking to get fit, just looking to cycle leisurely, get involved in racing or just doing it for fun…..there is room for us all!!

How do you manage training with working and being a mum?
Managing my training along with working part time and being a mum is difficult to start with, but i think i have now just adapted to the change.  I pretty much had to get used to being on my own as my husband works abroad so managing my time more efficiently definitely helped.  Now i try to get all my sessions done whilst Riley is at school, so when he is home i can spend time with him and be a normal mum, obviously this changes slightly when it comes to training camps and competitions, but having saved up my babysitter allowance it always works out ok with the family helping out when they can.

What one thing would help encourage women, like you, to get involved in cycling?
There are definitely more women getting involved with cycling now, and i think this will only continue to grow.  I think having more woman only  sessions will help attract more ladies to get involved in the sport.

And every cyclist loves cake… so what’s your favourite?
I don’t actually have a favourite, i’ll eat any cake as long as there is no cream on it!!