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Rider Profile


Name: Mark Joseph Stewart

Primary Club: Team ASL360


I was born into a very competitive family, dad representing Scotland in Ironman and mum being on of the best hill runners in Scotland. So inevitably I was brought trying to keep up with my two older brothers in sport. I started of swimming at the age of 5, that then lead to triathlon at the age of 7. My oldest brother Kevin realised he was a good track sprinter, so the whole family changed sport to track cycling. So I started track cycling as a youth C, as a youth B I took a year out to run, but decided it was boring compared to cycling, so moved back. I started of at the very bottom of the cycling ladder and still have a long way to go. My road cycling career started when I met Alan Denman, who is now my coach, he took me a gringo road rider who didn't think he needed overshoes when it was snowing, and is changing me into half respectable, aspiring road rider.

Career Highlights to date:

Inter regional track championships Scratch race - 3rd

British youth A Madison championships - 4th

Scottish youth A scratch race - 1st

Scottish youth A Madiosn - 1st

Who Inspires you and why:

It would have to be my mum and dad, I know its cliché but they do everything so that I can ride my bike, my dad works 8 hours plus a day in all weathers scaffolding and has done since I can remember, just so my brothers, sister and I can pursue anything we want to in life, so who am I to complain about riding my bike (the thing I love doing) if its just a little cold, or snowing or raining. I could write forever about my mum but she is the most selfless and modest person I know. She was a great runner and has two degrees but chose to stay at home to look after her family. So they are my inspiration.