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Rider Profile

Name: Hector Lancaster 

Primary Club: Perth United CC


I am a 16 year old, avid cyclist. My interest in cycling sparked whilst watching The Tour De France with my uncle at the age of seven. At the time I had no idea what was going on in the peleton, I just knew that I loved it. After starting off on a mountain bike I yearned for that rush of speed, dedication and ability to push myself that a road bike would provide. I pestered my mum until she helped me join Perth United, the local club. Unlike most cyclists it was me, the son, that got my father into road cycling. After accompanying me on the club runs he put away his mountain bike and aided me on the first chapter of my journey.

After a year spent in the club being the only child, three more joined - Fraser Martin, Mark McGuire and Lewis Champion. Initially seen as rivals they quickly became friends and vital training partners. My first season of racing, backed by casual training, resulted in me getting my butt whipped on the circuit, yet I loved the rush I got from it! The following season, Andrew Ralston stepped in as he realised that talent needed direction. Andrew went from being a member of the club to our coach, sacrificing his time to help us. For this I will forever be grateful. After a savage winter of training, I was ready. My second season consisted of proper racing, with Perth blasting onto the Youth A scene. We raced as a team, creating and sharing victories, this way of racing was unprecedented at that level, yet we benefited from it greatly.

This leads to my third season, making the jump from youth to junior. Getting onto the Scottish Development Programme was a great achievement for me, it has already allowed me to learn from other high level riders and from a variety of coaches and speakers, it also pushes me to better myself. I much prefer racing longer events and relish the opportunity to do so this coming year. I also will be racing track for the first time this season, due to the help of my track sponsor, Rig Glasgow.

I really look forward to racing this season, pushing myself to learn new things and ultimately improve as a bike rider.

Career Highlights to date:

Scottish Youth A Hill Climb Champion

4th Youth Tour of Scotland Team Time Trial

Perth United Youth Champion 2012