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Rider Profile

Name: Jack Barrett

Primary Club: Velocity 44


Born and bread in Stirling, I got into cycling when I started riding to and from school so I could stay behind and hang about with my mates. I joined my local road club when I was 15 and started racing the following year. My results steadily improved over the years and with them my passion for the sport grew. I got my first invite to race for the Scottish Team at the 2010 Isle of Man Youth Tour and since then I have been racing with the Team in Junior and Senior events. By 2011 I was part of a strong Junior squad as we were building towards the Youth Commonwealth Games, I was delighted to make the selection and travelled again to the Isle of Man where the games were held to represent my Country.

Career Highlights to date:

I was incredibly proud to be picked to represent my country at the Youth Commonwealth Games in 2011. It was by far the biggest and most prestigious event I had attended and a massive eye opener to the world of multisport events.

Who Inspires you and why:

I take a lot of inspiration from exciting, attacking and clever racing, I loved to watch Armstrong winning the Tour when I was young but struggle to be inspired by him now, after his doping charges. Today I’m more inspired by the races themselves than the riders that ride them, races like the Tour, the Spring Classics and the World Championships inspire me more than any one particular rider.

How do you celebrate/relax after a big event:

I used to switch off completely and go out drinking with mates from school, but I found in Belgium last year when I finished a race well I new I had another race in a few days time so a small reward like Pizza for tea or some chocolate would do, quite sad when I say it like that but it worked for me.