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Rider Profile

Name: Finlay Young

Primary Club: Equipe velo Ecosse


I was born in Edinburgh and have lived there all my life. I got into racing through the Edinburgh racers at medowbank velodrome; then slowly got addicted to racing- making my race debut at 15 in 2007. My focus is on road racing and track endurance events. I aspire to becoming a professional road rider and would like to represent Scotland in the track events in the commonwealth games in 2014.

Training has to be balanced with my studies; I'm at Heriot Watt University studying chemical engineering.

Career Highlights to date

Spending my whole University summer break in Belgium in 2012; racing the Belgian amateur calendar races was a great experience and learned a lot.

Who inspires you and why

I get inspiration from my training peers and friends around me. I also look up to guys who have done the whole Uni' thing then gone on to have a career in the sport like Marco Pinotti and Roger Hammond.

How do you celebrate/relax after a big event

I avoid relaxing. Something in my head always tells me I have something better to be doing.