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Rider Profile

Name: Lee Craigie 

Primary Club: Cannondale UK


From a sporting family and background but only started racing my mountain bike in 2006. Based in the Highlands of Scotland (because racing alone is not hard enough so I need to add extra travel) I work as a adolescent cycletherapist part time and train full time (!). Raced for Torq, Lapierre and now Cannondale all over the world.

Career Highlights to date

Represented GB in 2011 and 2012 World MTB Championships

British Champion 2013

Scottish MTB champion

Winner British Seires 2012

Who inspires you and why

My mum. Pushing 70 and still tears everyone to shreds on the tennis course or poker table.

How do you celebrate/relax after a big event

Usually by getting straight onto a plane in dirty kit then not eating the right things or sleeping very well.