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Rider Profile

Name: Aidan Quinn

Primary Club: Team ASL360/Glasgow Ivy C.C


I am from Old Kilpatrick just outside of Clydebank in the far west of the Glaswegian suburbs. I have always taken part in sport in one form or another; playing football, running cross country, mountain biking, running track... But I took to road racing when I was 14, having my first race a year later at a bellahouston crit. Gradually I’ve become more and more fixed and disciplined until now when I’m most at home in my cycling kit on a bike. Away from the bike I’m in my last year at Clydebank High, studying for exams in May with the hope of achieving an apprenticeship as a mechanical engineer for Rolls-Royce. This, on top of training, learning to drive, maintaining a very poor social life, watching the famous Glasgow Celtic and keeping a certain young lady (Rebeka) happy (and failing) keeps me rather busy. But that’s no bad thing. As a cyclist my absolute goal would be to make a living from the sport I love and also represent my country at the commonwealth games. I know myself that I will give it everything I have, absolutely everything; and if I don’t quite reach what I aim for then I want to say honestly to myself that I gave MY best. I can’t lie to myself so if I can say that, no matter what, I will have accomplished something.

Career Highlights to date

In the summer of 2012 I lived and raced in the Basque Country in northern Spain for 5 weeks with several good results. In terms of domestic results I’ve had multiple top 5’s and podiums with my best at the Scottish Madison Champs in October and the Crit’ Champs in August. I raced the Junior Tour of Wales at the end of August, the biggest race I’ve done with a close second the Tour of Bizkia in July while in the Basque Country.

Who inspires you and why

I would say I’ve had several inspirations and ‘role models’ but I think the one clear one would be my dad; the single biggest and possibly only reason that I took up cycling in the first place. In terms of Sports persons I would say that I have several ranging from Robert Millar to Steven Gerrard, and even those who are maybe not as high profile but have had a major impact on my cycling career directly like Matt Green who has assisted the whole Junior Squad. I would also say that some of my inspiration comes from the desire to push your body into a place where 99% of people don’t even get close to. The suffering of being totally smashed but having to continue and hold the wheel and keep going; knowing that no matter what you are not letting that wheel in front go. And the elation of surviving such a torturous situation is incomparable, putting your body to the ultimate test, and coming back for more.