Amy Roberts and Elinor Barker are ready to hit the road in 2013 with Wiggle Honda

Amy Roberts and Elinor Barker are ready to hit the road in 2013 with Wiggle Honda

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Amy Roberts and Elinor Barker are looking forward to starting their senior road careers in 2013 with new women's pro cycling road team, Wiggle-Honda, managed by Commonwealth champion Rochelle Gilmore.

The Welsh duo completed the 2012/2013 Track World Cup as as part of Team USN, but will compete on the road in 2013 for Wiggle-Honda Women's Pro Cycling Team. This new set up is backed by Olympic and Tour de France champion Sir Bradley Wiggins through his foundation.

Wiggle-Honda Women's Pro Cycling Team at the 2013 launch in London

Elinor Barker stated she was ready for the step up to senior women's road racing at the launch in London and was impressed with Rochelle's attention to detail in all aspects of the race program, which will be rider focussed with rider needs a priority so they can perform at their best.

Great care has been taken in the coaching programmes for both Barker and Roberts to aid in the transition from a busy Winter track season to their first road events in the Spring. Welsh Cycling's Head Coach Darren Tudor has worked closely with Wiggle-Honda Sports Director Simon Cope to ensure the pair are physically prepared for the road season.

At the launch, Amy Roberts spoke of how being part of Wiggle-Honda will help her develop as a cyclist, "There is so much to learn and it will be a great experience. Being in a team alongside World and Olympic champions like Giorgia Bronzini and Laura Trott will help me develop as a rider; they know so much more than me I will definetely learn a lot from them. It will really help with moving up to the senior level. This year I will aim to just help the team as much as I can to get results throughout the season."

Wiggle-Honda will consist of 12 female riders from across the globe and includes three-time world champion Giorgia Bronzini and Britian's own Olympic trio Dani King, Laura Trott and Joanna Rowsell. The ultimate goal for 2013 is to win as many races as possible, playing to the teams strengths aiming for one day classics and sprint races.

Team Riders

Amy Roberts (GB)
Anna-Bianca Schnitzmeier (GER)
Beatrice Bartelloni (ITA)
Dani King (GB)
Elinor Barker (GB)
Emily Collins (NZ)
Giorgia Bronzini (ITA)
Joanna Rowsell (GB)
Laura Trott (GB)
Lauren Kitchen (AUS)
Mayuko Hagiwara (JPN)
Rochelle Gilmore (AUS)