Team USN act on advice of World Anti-Doping Agency in Mexico

Team USN act on advice of World Anti-Doping Agency in Mexico

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Ahead of the final round of the UCI Track World Cup in Aguascalientes, Mexico, Team USN have taken extra precautions with their nutrition before and during competition.

Advice from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to athletes competing in Mexico states there is a risk of consuming contaminated meat which could result in a positive anti-doping test. As a result, precautions need to be taken to avoid a positive test so Team USN will modify their diet during the UCI Track World Cup. As part of a healthy diet, meat provides essential proteins to keep their diet balanced and assist muscles in repairing the damage caused by heavy training.

A lack of these vital elements in the riders’ diet whilst in Mexico means the use of nutritional supplements becomes even more important to ensure all the athletes can compete at the highest level.

Welsh Cycling Director of Performance and Team USN manager, Matt Cosgrove: “We always look to provide the riders with the necessary support to enable them to compete to their full potential. We are fortunate to receive excellent support from Sport Wales in this respect. They have provided us with advice and resources to enable the riders to cope with the travel, climate, altitude and nutritional challenges of competing in Mexico.

The support provided will enable them to compete at their best against some of the best riders in the world. An essential element of this is the use of the great supplements provided by our headline sponsor, USN.”

To keep the energy and recovery levels up during the event, Team USN will be joined by Sport wales nutritionist, Olivia Busby, who will assist the riders in meal choices and advise on what supplements to use. A range of USN products will also be taken to Aguascalientes for athletes to use as required.

Karl Bickley, Athlete Liaison at USN UK provides Team USN with nutritional products, "Travelling to compete in territories such as Mexico offers issues for all athletes when it comes to their nutrition, not only due to the changes in routines, body clocks and water supplies but also with regards to the sources and safety of their food.

As a supplement company we can help the Team USN athletes ensure they can still take on board the necessary nutrients to fuel performances and enhance recovery in environments where this would not always be possible.”

Team USN will compete at Round 3 of the UCI Track World Cup in Aguascalientes, Mexico from 17th -19th January 2013.

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