Guidelines on club kit

Guidelines on club kit

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Clubs and teams are required to submit details of their proposed kit to British Cycling with their annual application for affiliation.

Submit your kit design before having your kit made

It is essential that clubs have their kit approved by British Cycling before having it manufactured, as frequently there is a requirement for the kit design to be amended to avoid clashes with other team kits and to comply with other regulations relating to team clothing.

In recent years a number of clubs have adopted kit designs which are predominantly black in colour and can be difficult for officials to pick out during an event. Clubs registering new kits are therefore asked to submit designs which do not have black as the main colour.

Clubs/teams needing to make amendments to their kit design will be informed before their affiliation is accepted. The full regulations for club and team clothing, along with the rules for displaying advertising agreements, are available in sections eight and nine of the British Cycling general rulebook.

Provisional enquiries regarding club kit registration should be addressed to Please include details of your club/team name and address (including postcode) to enable us to direct your request to the correct British Cycling region.

Sponsorship guidelines

Many clubs benefit from the support of local or national businesses. Clubs must register these sponsors with their annual affiliation. Clubs with registered sponsors are permitted to display sponsors' logos on their club kit.

It is worth bearing in mind that commercially named clubs pay more for their annual affiliation which includes the registration of their named sponsor. All clubs, with the exception of Clubmark, Go-Ride and School Clubs, must pay to register their individual sponsors every year. Full costs can be found on the current affiliation form.

It is important that clubs ensure that the benefits from the sponsor outweigh these costs. It is also a good idea to make sure that the length of the period of sponsorship is agreed on and whether the benefits (financial or otherwise) will be given to the club as one lump sum at the start of sponsorship or periodically throughout the sponsorship.

A detailed guide to sponsorship is available from British Cycling

PDF download

If you have sponsors that support you as an individual rider and you wish their name to appear in your results, rankings and on your racing kit you will need to register them with us as an individual sponsor.

Individual sponsor form

Use of the British Cycling logo and the Union flag

If you wish to use the British Cycling logo on your kit or club website, click here for the relevant guidelines regarding logo use.

Logos are available as either a standalone or featuring either the Union flag or home country flag. Outside of the use of these logos we ask, in order to help differentiate regular club and team kits from representative kits, that clubs do not submit kit designs featuring the Union flag (Union Jack).

This does not apply to BMX club kits, where it is a UEC competition requirement to carry the national flag on the upper arm.

Specific queries relating to logos, sponsors and kit designs should be addressed to