Cycle Speedway - Sky TV Coverage - Clubs Can Help

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An appeal for all clubs and officials to get behind and publicise the upcoming Sky TV coverage of Cycle Speedway has been made today by Joe McLaughlin, who pitched, negotiated and contracted the soon to be aired highlights of the 2011 Wilco sponsored British Final from Norwich.

McLaughlin said "I appeal to all officials and clubs in these last few days before airing to let all club members, supporters, sponsors and friends know about the Sky Sports TV coverage of our sport. I have seen advance footage of the transmission and people are bound to be impressed".

"Due to Sky TVs wonderful technology, they will be aware of exactly how many people tune in. OK, we all know that we are not going to get figures to rival Eastenders or Coronation St but seriously every extra hundred people we get can only help our cause for future coverage", said the Coventry man.

He continued "Its therefore vital that everyone in the sport plays their part. I urge everyone to publicise the Sky broadcast to the very best of their ability to maximise viewing figures. Please use every lever at your disposal. Just emailing everyone on your 'contacts' list would go to many thousands of people if all our club officials did that".

McLaughlin himself has taken the lead. He has already ensured that spokesman-online, the main British Cycling site and scores of Speedway related websites have carried news of the Sky filming. Using his Speedway links, he has also persuaded the Worlds leading Speedway magazine, the Speedway Star, to publicise the TV timings. This has appeared in to-days edition (Thursday 17th November), on sale at all good newsagents and many major supermarkets, including Tesco.

Spokesman-online is also swinging behind this promotional drive. From this Monday, spokesman-online will carry a daily countdown to the date of the first coverage on Tuesday 29th November in the prime time 7pm slot on the Sports Unlimited programme on Sky Sports channel 3.

Rod Witham, editor of the spokesman-online site, which projects itself as the 'Voice of Cycle Speedway' said "We are very pleased to support this campaign to maximise awareness of the first major TV coverage of Cycle Speedway for many years".