Roberts Wins a Wet and Wild Oakley Womens Road Race

Roberts Wins a Wet and Wild Oakley Womens Road Race

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Roberts Wins a Wet and Wild Oakley Womens Road Race

Report: / Michael Leonard for the Surrey League Women's Team

In pouring rain, Amy Roberts celebrates a wonderful victory. Photo: Mark Hopkings

Amy Roberts- For Viored narrowly pipped Lucy Garner-Motorpoint in a thrilling finish to the Women's Team Race Series held in the village of Oakley, Bucks after a two lap escape of the mainly flat course.

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1. Motorpoint 435 points
2. Cardiff Ajax 172 points
3. For Viored 150 points
4. Surrey League 135 points
5. Abergavenny 131 points
6. West Midlands 113 points
7. Squadra Donne 111 points
8. Impsport team A 101 points
9. Inverse RT 98 points
10. Twickenham CC 62 points
11. Team Zappi 57 points
12. PSUK 35 points

Oakley RR Womens Team series
1 Amy Roberts ForViored 02:17:59
2 Lucy Garner Motorpoint st
3 Harriet Owen Motorpoint at 1.58
4 Hannah Barnes Motorpoint st
5 Hannah Walker Motorpoint st
6 Lauren Creamer Abergavenny cc st
7 Molly Weaver West Midlands/Solihull CC st
8 Elinor Barker Cardiff Ajax st
9 Hannah Shenton Motorpoint st
10 Iona Sewell Squadra Donne st
11 Amelia Cambridge Impsport Team A st
12 Hanneke Van Der Werfe Cardiff Ajax st
13 Emma Cradock Surrey League st
14 Kirsty Bishop Police Sport UK CRT st
15 Laura Massey Inverse RT st
16 Ruby Miller Horizon Fitness st
17 Claire Lever Team Zappi st
18 Charlie Ratcilffe Cardiff Ajax st
19 Claire Lennard Surrey League st
20 Delia Beddis Inverse RT st
21 Corrine Hall Twickenham CC st
22 Fern Cotterill Abergavenny cc st
23 Stephanie May Twickenham CC st
24 Sarah Maidment Squadra Donne st
25 Emiily Bagnall Surrey League st
26 Tracy Dresch Squadra Donne st
27 Kate George Impsport Team A st
28 Rachel Przybyiski Surrey League st
29 Julia Brown West Midlands Team st
30 Claire Allen Impsport Team A st
31 Siabhian McNamara Inverse RT st
32 Georgina Gilbert Cardiff Ajax st
33 Jackie Garner Abergavenny cc st
34 Rebecca Keogh West Midlands/Solihull CC st
35 Rachel Ward Team Zappi st