"A day of ups and downs"

"A day of ups and downs"


"A day of ups and downs"

Pardon the cliche, but this morning really did feel like 'me and my bike against the world'. I set off at 9am and by 9.30 I'd burnt off my bran flakes, toast and banana! A monster hill into thick fog, "is this hill ever going to end" was the thought in my head. Then the positive mental attitude kicked in - "enjoy it, enjoy the burn, I feel good. And besides, what goes up MUST come down" Oli (one of my best mates who agreed to drive the safety car for this leg from Manchester to Glasgow!) greeted me at the top with a smile and an "enjoy that" as he clicked away on the camera. "Yes thanks"... "You... (something not very nice under my breath)".

Indeed, the best thing about going up..is coming down. It'd be the only time I could beat Usain Bolt in a head to head, without using an engine! The next 15-20 miles weren't so bad, the fog started to dissipate, and I was feeling strong.

Gethin's Skyride Challenge

Then at 35 miles I saw a wonderful sign.. "A6 Shap to Penrith, 1,400 incline, winter weather conditions". Looked down at the GPS - yep, I'm on the A6, yep I'm heading to Penrith via Shap. Dig in Jones!

I was getting stuck in, working hard.

Whenever I'm pushing myself physically I can always hear PT Commando Taff Gad's advice of "it will come", ringing in my ears- a man I completed a 30 mile Marine challenge with and deeply respect. The sun was out (is this what they call winter here?!), the sweat poring of the tip of my nose, at which point Oli cruised past. Windows down, shades on, sipping from a cold can of cola and munching on one of MY wine gums. "You...

Gethin's Skyride Challenge

One of the things I've always loved about my work is travelling, going to places I've never been before...and that's something I now enjoy whilst getting out and about on my bike. I'm sat in a coffee shop in Penrith writing this, and since leaving Greater Manchester, its all been new territory for me.

Gethin's Skyride Challenge

I'd never been to the lake district - what a way to get a taste of it. We leave it behind tomorrow and cross the border into Scotland... I'm expecting some more "ups and downs"!

Todays stats

3 hrs 50mins

53.88 miles

Avg speed 14.4mph

2668 calories

3262 ft ascent

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