About Manchester

About Manchester


Bring your ideas, your energy and your attitude to Manchester, and you'll fit right in. That's what makes this city uniquely Manchester...


Manchester is a dramatic mix of old and new. The futuristic design and innovative shapes of its contemporary architecture sit side by side with the spires and grinning gargoyles of its proud past.

Manchester's Industrial Heritage

As every school child knows, the Industrial Revolution of the 18th and 19th centuries led theworld into the modern era. Manchester was the trailblazing spirit behind the whole event. Transport yourself back in time with the fascinating legacy of a period that changed the way we live.

Manchester's Music

Manchester is one of the world's most innovative and exciting places for both making music and going out to listen to it. This long musical heritage rubs off on the performing arts in general, making Manchester a great place for a cultural night out. Here you can have it all: enjoy world-class classical performances, nibble tapas as you listen to live jazz, follow in the footsteps of Morrissey, or look out for the next Oasis in one of the city's 30-plus intimate live venues.

Museums & Galleries

From classical masterpieces to cutting edge modern works, from a history of hats to a tour of the world's most famous football club, Greater Manchester's museums and galleries offer a world-class array of delights to interest and inspire.

Food & Drink

Manchester's broad cultural mix adds up to a great range of places to eat and drink. From Michelin-style gourmet to fresh local produce at speciality markets, from stylish venues for intimate occasions to out-of- the-way places for a good, cheap meal with friends, there's good food aplenty in Manchester.


Manchester does funky, fashionable, chic and sleek better than anywhere else in the country. Retail therapy is the city's speciality. Hunt down something unique at Saturday's Tib Street fashion market, browse for vintage chic and rare records in the Northern Quarter, or cruise the designer stores and then relax with a long lunch and cocktails at the Harvey Nichols Brasserie.

Manchester's People

The people of Manchester have an attitude to life and a way of doing things all their own. They're an easy, self-deprecating lot with a wicked sense of humour and an appetite for adventure (and a party). But don't be fooled: behind that engaging, easy-going exterior there lies ambition and desire for change. Hardly surprising Manchester is such a proud, forward-thinking city.

For further details on attractions, entertainment, sport and culture in Manchester go to www.visitmanchester.com


Special accommodation and transportation packages are available for the Track World Cup with hotels in the city centre offering special rates for this event. For further details, please call CSE on +44 (0)121 779 0880 or email, bookings@corporate-sporting.com.