Scottish Cycling to honour Peter Clark at Youth Tour of Scotland

Scottish Cycling to honour Peter Clark at Youth Tour of Scotland

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Scottish Cycling will this year be presenting a new award at the Youth Tour of Scotland in memory of our great friend and colleague, Peter Clark, who contributed so much to Cycling and this event in particular.

Peter, who was the Regional Development Officer for the North East before he passed away last summer, was a truly great individual who inspired so many people.  He contributed so much, far beyond what his position required, always carrying out his duties with endless enthusiasm, drive and a wicked sense of humour!  He applied the same attitude when volunteering his time in the sport, in an abundance of roles, including event official, event organiser, driver, marshal and even rider.

Scottish Cycling would like to honour his memory and his personality by introducing the Peter Clark Memorial Award at the Youth Tour of Scotland 2017.

The award will recognise the rider who has shown the most spirit and determination during each stage; the attributes so familiar in Peter’s character.  This could be a rider who recovers from a crash or mechanical to battle back to the bunch, who supports a team mate through tough race conditions or perhaps the most memorable rider from the 2016 event, who completed the final stage with only one crank.

There will be a prize for both girls and boys for each of the four stages of the event and the award will be decided upon together by the Chief Commissaire and Event Organisers.  The prize presented will be something those who knew Peter well will find very familiar!

Peter’s wife Marjory Clark said:

“We, his family, are extremely proud that Scottish Cycling wants to honour Peter in this way, and what they propose to do is just perfect. Peter was a very humble man and never sought out the spotlight, however, when the spotlight found him he shone quite brightly! He never liked a fuss made of him and he would be blown away with all the things that folks are now doing in his memory.”

Sarah Macintyre, Event Manager for Scottish Cycling and Organiser of the Youth Tour of Scotland said:

“Peter was an indispensable part of the Youth Tour of Scotland, he developed the event over some years and more recently turned to supporting his colleagues in delivering a high quality event.   No matter what role needed completed, Peter did it with the upmost professionalism, but also with a cheeky smile.  We already know how sorely missed he will be this year and therefore we wanted to add something to the event to celebrate him and all that he has done for this event and our team. Whenever the going got tough, as they do at events like this, Peter was always there to help, share knowledge and find solutions and therefore to award the rider who shows the most spirit and determination seems more than fitting.”