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Time Trial Events

The minimum distance for a time trial is generally 10 miles but shorter races are permitted. Most races are at fixed distances (10, 25, 50 and 100 miles) or fixed time (12 and 24 hours).

Riders start at one-minute intervals, or sometimes more, and cover the course alone, without taking pace from other competitors or vehicles. If one competitor is caught by another, the Scottish Cycling technical regulations require the overtaken rider to fall back behind the other to a distance where they receive no shelter or help from the faster rider. At least 20 yards/metres is suggested.

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When time trial courses are designed, safety is a major consideration. However, a competitor's safety remains entirely his or her own responsibility. Events are held on open roads, and competitors must obey the relevant laws and the Highway Code before, during and after a race.

Entering Events
Whatever type of time trial you are entering, club or open, you will be required to pay an entry fee and may need a Scottish Cycling membership (of Silver or above), depending on the type of event.

To find a list of Scottish Cycling registered Time Trial events, visit the events calendar here.

Courses are measured to a high degree of accuracy using special equipment. Marshals are appointed to help riders follow the course but it is the rider's responsibility to know the route.

Club Confined Time Trials

For information on Club Confined time trials, click here

Technical Regulations

To find a full list of the Time Trial specific technical regulations, follow this link and select the 'Scottish Cycling Technical Regulations'.

More Information
For more information about time trials, please contact Scottish Cycling at