Scottish Cycling MBLA

Scottish Cycling MBLA


The MBLA scheme has now been fully integrated into the British mountain bike leadership qualifications provided across Scottish Cycling, British Cycling and Welsh Cycling. 

MBLA courses are no longer available, but the following information remains to serve those who still hold MBLA qualifications.

Please see the page where you have any questions. Where you have a query not answered there, please do contact to discuss it.

The British Mountain Bike Leadership Awards evolved from the MBLA awards. These awards are a progression with updated content, learning opportunities and context in line with developments that have occurred in equipment, leading techniques and educational practice across mountain biking and the outdoors sector. They are also set up across all three UK governing bodies, British Cycling, Scottish Cycling and Welsh Cycling. See more about the qualifications levels, contexts and environments at our mtbleadership page.

Don’t panic about your existing MBLA qualifications though! Existing TCL and MBL qualifications do not cease because of the new scheme, and will continue to be recognised in the outdoor world as valid qualifications. Leaders will also still be able to access the insurance membership benefit that British Cycling offers, subject to registering their qualification. As best practice we would always advise that you should be insured for your leadership activities. 

For details of obtaining MBLA certificates, Leader Insurance and qualification validity, please see the MBLA FAQ page.

Finally, we would like to take the opportunity to recommend that even if you do not require the insurance cover provided by British Cycling, we would strongly encourage all of our leaders to become a member of the Governing Body. Not only will you benefit from the other great membership offers, you will also help give a stronger voice to Scottish, Welsh and British Cycling to help develop and promote mountain biking in all its forms across the UK.

We hope this information is helpful but if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact either Scottish Cycling Mountain Bike Leadership Team 0141 554 6021 or the British Cycling Mountain Bike Leadership Team on 0161 274 2060.