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At the end of 2015 the MBLA scheme drew to a close and has now been fully integrated into British Mountain Bike Leadership Awards. Although this sets out to answer most of the questions you and others may have about MBLA qualifications and how changes might affect them, if you have a questions not answered here, please do to discuss it.

MBLA Certificates

No new MBLA certificates will be issued after the end of June 2017 and the MBLA e-mail address will no longer be in operation. Replacement .pdf certificates can be issued by request. As previously communicated, if you have any questions or outstanding issues with MBLA please now direct these to mtbleadership@scottishcycling.org.uk.

Will my MBLA qualification expire?

No.  Your qualification will remain in place.  As has always been the case, you are required to maintain the validity of your qualification by remaining current through continued leading practice, Continuous Professional Development and ensuring that you continue to fulfil applicable first aid, safeguarding and insurance requirements

What is happening with the MBLA bolt on modules – Expeditioning, Winter and Night riding?

With the continued development of the British Mountain Bike Leadership Awards, the MBLA bolt on modules, which up until this point had remained under Scottish Cycling guidance and approval, will cease to be administered and supported by Scottish Cycling. The bolt on modules were part of the MBLA scheme which technically ceased to exist in 2015, therefore there was no formal mechanism to develop or quality assure the awards.  We recognize the skill and knowledge of those tutors who continued to deliver the bolt on modules and with their expertise we are working to develop new, robust, insurable and up to date awards to meet the needs of bikers today. With the development and release of the British Mountain Bike Night Leader Award in October 2018, and Scottish Cycling’s pivotal role in this development, we feel it is now appropriate to cease delivery and support of the MBLA bolt-ons and work within the new British Mountain Bike Leader Awards to further develop the awards structure. 

Please do be aware, the additional MBLA bolt on , unlike the TCL and MBL, are not and never were covered by British Cycling / Scottish Cycling / Welsh Cycling insurance, any insurance provision (for tutors and leaders) must be sought through a third party for the MBLA bolt-on modules.

I’m currently a TCL.  Do I need to do a Level 2 Award or can I go to the Level 3?

As a TCL, you are able to go directly on to a Level 3 training course providing you fulfil the other aspects of the course pre-requisites.

Who can tutor the Mountain Bike Leadership Awards?

British Mountain Bike Leadership Awards are provided directly through approved Providers. Tutors working on behalf of approved Providers are able to deliver courses. All tutors have undergone specific training and verification to ensure courses maintain their high quality and consistency.

Approved providers are able to sponsor potential new tutors through a robust tutor development process which is focused on being individually led around the skills, capacities and experiences that new potential tutors already possess.

Please see the tutor full pathway document for clarification on the process and expectations of tutors.

Can I retain insurance cover through my membership with my MBLA award?

Yes.  In order to be insured as a Trail Cycle Leader or a Mountain Bike Leader through your British Cycling membership, you must:

  • Hold a current British Cycling membership at a minimum level of ‘Ride’.  The Bronze and Fan membership packages do not include insurance cover.  You do not necessarily need to have Silver and Gold memberships unless you wish to access their additional membership benefits.
  • Log your TCL and/or MBL leadership qualification(s) with British Cycling so that they are held on your member profile and will show on your membership card. 
  • Log with British Cycling a relevant current first aid qualification.  This must be an outdoor first aid qualification (minimum two days) or a full First Aid at Work qualification (minimum three days).  Again, this will be held on your member profile but will NOT show on your membership card.
  • Log evidence with British Cycling of having undergone safeguarding and child protection training (a Disclosure or DBS check will not suffice as they are just background checks).  Again, this will be held on your member profile but will not show on your membership card.

You must fulfil all of the above points for your insurance to be valid.

To renew or purchase British Cycling membership contact the membership team on 0161 274 2010 or online here https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/membership.

To log details of your qualification onto an existing membership contact the following:-

If you are based in Scotland please contact mtbleadership@scottishcycling.org.uk, attaching copies of evidence/certificates as above.  Please include your membership number in the email. 

If you are based in England or Wales please contact mtbleadership@britishcycling.org.uk, again attaching copies of evidence/certificates as above and including your membership number.

How can I be added to the ‘Find a Leader’ listing with my TCL / MBL or Level 2 / 3 qualification?

You can be listed on the ‘Find a Leader’ tool by amending your own profile in your dashboard.  Log in and click on ‘My Dashboard’.  Go to ‘About me’ then ‘Settings’.  At the bottom of this page, under ‘Who can contact me’, untick the statement that says ‘Hide my contact info from the British Cycling online Coaching Directory’.