Get Into Road Racing


Get Into Road Racing

Join a Club

The ability to ride comfortably and safely in a bunch of riders is perhaps the essential skill of Road Racing. Road Racing has a strong club-based culture, so a great place to start is by joining a club which regularly runs training rides on the Public Roads. This will help you to learn how to ride in the company of other riders and what the basic etiquette of group riding entails. For younger riders, joining a Go-Ride club is a great option and should enable you to develop your skills away from the public roads and under the watchful eye of a trained coach. click here to download a list of Go-Ride clubs near you.

Group Skills

Most Road orientated clubs run a number of rides per week, with a longer option on Sundays and perhaps a couple of shorter evening rides. Riding with other riders is also a great way to improve your fitness and gauge your ability against those who already compete. Perhaps the most useful trick of all is learning how to conserve energy by slipstreaming behind other riders. The ability to move freely in a bunch of riders is a real skill and many first-timers find themselves continually hanging on at the rear of the group. Seasoned riders have a magical feel for where to ride to minimise effort. These are all skills which will prove invaluable once you start to race. Click on the Club Finder to find a Road club near you.

Circuit Racing

Road Racing beginners usually find their feet in easier events and there's no better place to start than Circuit Race meetings. These events often have several races catering for a range of abilities and age groups and are an ideal environment in which to learn the bike handling and tactical skills necessary to succeed, without the additional stress of being on the public highway.

Lap distance is usually between one and four kilometres, so if you get dropped, catch your breath and wait for the main group to come round, and join again!

A British Cycling membership and Licence are usually needed for most events.

Road & Circuit Racing - Categories, Points, Rankings and Event Classifications

The structure of the sport of Road Racing is undergoing a major overhaul in Great Britain. A new event classification system and an extended ranking system are just two of the changes. Follow the links below for a detailed overview of how the category of events ties into the ranking and licence points available - plus how your own category is determined >>>>>

For the full technical regulations which underpin the whole system and information on the Road Traffic Acts, visit the our Rules & Regulations page or download our Little Blue Book of Rules & Regulations.