Road Event Structure


Road & Circuit Racing - Categories, Points, Rankings and Event Classifications 

Road Race Category System

Whether you are a novice 4th Category rider or and Elite, your category is a the key to the kind of events you compete in and the level of competition you will face. Follow the link to find a detailed guide of how the category system works and how you move between categories. It also includes a guide to the new Junior category system: Road Categories

Road Race Event Classification

Road Race Event Classification is based on the distance/duration, rider categories and Regional/National status. The new Regional/National system is designed to increase the number of events available and make for a more logical and coherent racing structure. Follow the link for a full guide to the Event Classification system, from National A events through to Regional Go-Race events: Road Event Classification

Road Race National and Regional Rankings

Rankings are simply a measure of how good a rider you are compared to your peers. The system is based on points scored depending on the difficulty of the event and your finishing position. From the start of the 2006 season a new ranking system applies to Road racing, supporting the new events framework. The key changes to the system are the splitting of rider rankings into two: National and Regional. Plus, Club and Team Rankings are added to the system. Road Rankings Explained

Road Race Racing Points System

So, how many points do I get for winning a National B Road Race? Or a Regional A Road Race? If you're after ranking points for yourself or your team/club, then you need to have a look at how points are awarded for different levels of events - the points system is tied in to the Event Classification - follow the link for more details: Points Explained