Elite Athlete Programme


Elite Athlete Programme

Scottish Cycling's Elite Athlete Programme is a training based support programme that support athletes with a realistic potential to win a Commonwealth medal in the next Commonwealth Games.

Athletes must show considerable commitment to their sport and have the ability to race independently in the UK or abroad.

Athletes are supported by professional coaching staff from Scottish Cycling and also receive needs based support from the sportscotland Institute of Sport.

The Glasgow Commonwealth Games in 2014 will be a natural focus for Scottish Athletes over the next year and Scottish Cycling will be aiming to field the best team possible for the Games in Glasgow.

Scottish Cycling and Breast Cancer Care has teamed up together to launch the Breast Cancer Care cycling team, the UK’s number one domestic women’s cycling team. This comprises of 5 of the 2013 women's endurance riders: Eileen Roe, Jane Barr, Laura Murray, Kayleigh Brogan and Anne Ewing, To read more about the team and the riders click here

The 2013 Squad Riders are:

Men Under 23 Endurance

Jack Barrett

Ryan Fenwick

Craig Wallace

Stuart McCluskey

Robbie Hassan

Taylor Johnston

Peter Hale

Finaly Young

Men's Endurance

Michael Nicolson

Silas Goldsworthy

James McCallum

Evan Oliphant

Liam Cowie

Women's Endurance

Laura Murray

Gemma Neill

Anne Ewing

Kayleigh Brogan

Katie Archibald

Charline Joiner

Jane Barr

Eileen Roe


Emma Baird

Ellie Richardson

Jenny Davis

Bruce Croall

Louise Haston

MTB XC Riders

Rab Wardell

Dave Henderson

Gareth Montgomerie

Katy Winton

Tom Evans

Jessica Roberts

Lee Craigie