Club Affiliations 2013

Posted on: 14th November 2012

Scottish Cycling are now accepting Club Affiliations for 2013.

If you can please complete and return the 2013 club affiliations form to Laura Irwin along with payment by Monday 10th December in order for your club to be re-affiliated as of 1st January 2013.

Should you wish to pay via paypal please click here

I would also like to make you aware of the new Club Management tool available to you through your online dashboard. Features available to you are as follows:

Website Manager – Create a free club website powered by results, rankings and news feeds from the main British Cycling website.

Club Profile – Set up a personalised club profile when people find the club on the British Cycling Club Finder.

Club Membership – Manage all club members in one place and sell club subscriptions via the British Cycling website.

Club Newsletters – Send out newsletters to club members with professionally designed templates.

Instant Messaging - Quick and easy. Send messages to the entire club membership, selected members or to British Cycling.

Activity Manager – Create and list club activities on the club profile page British Cycling. Sign up for club activities in a click.

Annual Affiliation – Submit the club’s annual affiliation form on-line. No need to fill out and post paper forms.

Useful Resources – Access to all the important documents and resources to run a club effectively.

Send Cards Direct to Members – Choose to have membership cards sent direct to club members rather than the club secretary.

Please see the following link which will talk you through a step by step process on how to use the management tool

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Laura Irwin on 0131 317 9704 / 07808253484 alternatively email