Scottish Cycling Coaching Calendar 2020

Scottish Cycling Coaching Calendar 2020


We are delighted to announce the Scottish Cycling Coach Education Calendar for 2020 and you can find full details of dates and other relevant information below.

As you can see, we are able to offer a wide range of learning opportunities at all stages of the coaching pathway, across all disciplines and in all our Regions. Whether you are just starting your journey in coaching, looking to take your skills to the next level or learn about a new discipline, these courses and qualifications will support you all of the way.

If you feel that you want to help grow the sport in Scotland and increase the number of opportunities for our young cyclists to benefit from your skills and knowledge then please get involved.

2020 Coach Education Calendar

Level 1

Location   Course Dates Closing Date Sign Up

2 & 9 May

30 Mar

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Inverness   13 & 20 June

12 May

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20 & 27 June

19 May

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19 & 26 Sep

18 Aug

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26 Sep & 3 Oct 

 25 Aug

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Level 2

Location   Course Dates Closing Date Sign Up


   6 Jun 2 Mar Book Now
Glasgow   18-19 Apr & 11 Jul 2 Apr Book Now
Aberdeen   25-26 Apr & 18 Jul 9 Apr Book Now
Edinburgh   9-10 May & 1 Aug 20 Apr Book Now
Glasgow   5-6 Sep and 5 Dec   19 Aug Book Now
Edinburgh   19 - 20 Sep 1 Sep Book Now

Level 2 DSU

Location Course Dates Closing Date Sign Up
Fife (MTB) 16-17 May 27 Apr Book Now
Galashiels 11-12 July 23 June

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Further Resources

Coach Education Important Information

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Course requirements can be found online on the coaching pages.

Funding is available for Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 courses through the sportscotland website.

Other sources of funding may be available.

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If you need any further information, please contact us: 0141 554 6021