The Scottish Cycling Coaching Pathway

The Scottish Cycling Coaching Pathway


The coaching pathway is the route outlined by Scottish Cycling to train and develop cycling coaches.

The pathway is a guide designed to help coaches understand what they need to do in order to effectively coach the participants they want to coach at the level they want to coach them.   The formal coaching awards are combined with practice and further learning through CPD to enable a progression up the coaching pathway.

For a more detailed guide on what the coaching pathway entails see the document attached.  In this flow chart we attempt to outline what practice and further learning and CPD is actually required.

Scottish Cycling recommends that coaches’ focus and develop their coaching practice within a specific population of riders e.g. Participation, Go-ride, Talent or Performance.  These coaching populations require different skills sets and coaches will find they have a natural tendency to work with a particular group.  For aspiring coaches, working with the same population of riders will allow coaches to focus more and develop riders further as their coaching ability and “time on task” increases.  

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