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Road teams

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If you’re in the process of creating a new road cycling team the following is some initial guidance on the things you will need to do to register your team.

UCI Continental and UCI women’s teams

Details of the criteria for UCI continental team status and registering a women’s team with the UCI can be found on the UCI website and in chapter 17 of their rule book.

Elite national teams

Elite national teams operate beneath the UCI Continental category but are distinct from a sponsored club set up in that they operate in a way that shares many aspects with a UCI Continental or Pro-Continental set up.

Elite National Team Status may be an end in itself for teams who only wish to guarantee inclusion in national series races, for others it will provide a stepping stone toward applying for UCI continental status in the future.

Teams attaining British Cycling Elite National Status need to fulfil the following criteria:

  • Are obligated to register for the British Cycling Elite Road Series
  • Team size of between six and 12 riders
  • Majority of riders must be younger than 28
  • Riders must be all elite, 1st or 2nd category
  • Team composition must include a minimum of 50% British riders
  • Attend each Elite Road Series event with a minimum of four riders to each. NB: a maximum of eight riders per team will be allowed at each event respectively
  • Confirm final rider list to each event organiser no later than four weeks in advance of each event respectively
  • Teams must be present at national series races to provide support before, during and after the race for team riders.
  • Teams are obliged to provide a team car with the requisite racking and equipment in order to provide service role within the race convoy
  • All staff members full or part time shall hold a valid British Cycling licence, with the requisite endorsement, i.e. team manager
  • Teams must be committed for staff to undertake any development/education as required by the National Federation (for example, team manager training).

Clubs teams

Teams wishing to register domestically can do so via the normal club affliation page.


List of riders and staff

Registration form

Budget outline


Financial obligations

Team application criteria

Model contract


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