Road: Hoy cruises to victory at The Aprѐs Shake-Down

Road: Hoy cruises to victory at The Aprѐs Shake-Down

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Location: Preston Park Cycle Track, Brighton
Event: 4 August 2013
Report: Snowdon Sports

Justin Hoy (Felt-Colbornes) escaped the bunch with two laps to go to cruise to his ninth victory of the season in the E/1/2 event at The Aprѐs Shake-Down at Preston Park Cycle Track in Brighton.

Hoy, aged 34, from Lindford held his gap on the final lap to win ahead of Robert Willcocks, from Aylesbury in second and Ian Robins (Brighton Mitre CC) in third.

There were also wins for Sydenham Wheeler Robert Thatcher in the third category race and Ian Monaghan (Brighton Mitre CC) in the fourths.

In the youth events the under 16 winner was Laurence Jones (PPYCC), in the under 14s Joe Hill was victorious and Freddie and Frank Newman were winners in the under 10s and under 8s respectively.



1. Justin Hoy Felt-Colbornes-Hargroves

2. Robert Willcocks RAF CC

3. Ian Robins Brighton Mitre CC

4. Declan Higgins VC St Raphael

5. Stuart Bettis Southdowns Bikes

6. Graham Crow Twickenham CC

7. Jonathan Dredge London Dynamo

8. Paul Barnard Southdowns Bikes

9. Matthew Farren Brighton Mitre CC

10. Gavin Starling Brighton Mitre CC

11. Matthew Butt Team ASL360

12. Paul Butler In-Gear

13. Jack Evans Brighton Mitre CC

14. Giorgious Crouch VC Meudon

15. Sam Cheeseman Team ASL360


1. Rob Thatcher Sydenham Wheelers

2. Connor Innes Southdowns Bikes

3. Elliot Lipski VC Elan

4. Robert Quin Brighton Mitre CC

5. Luke Earley Private Member

6. Aaron Kirk I-Team CC

7. Jon Healy I-Team CC

8. Paul Barnard Southdowns Bikes

9. Matthew Bubear Southdowns Bikes

10. Rupert Robinson Crawley Wheelers

11. Matt Hill VO2 Development Team

12. Jack Evans Brighton Mitre CC

13. John Phillips Brighton Mitre CC

14. Alan Lester In-Gear

15. Nick Dwyer Lewes Wanderers CC

16. Jed Williamson Private Member

17. Rob Pelham Lewes Wanderers CC

18. Joel Draper Brighton Mitre CC

19. Jamie Durmush VC Elan

20. Tim Sales Redhill CC


1. Ian Monaghan Brighton Mitre CC

2. Andrew Ten-Broeke 7Oaks

3. Trevor Roberts Brighton Mitre CC

4. Alan Newman Brighton Mitre CC

5. Nick Smith Lewes Wanderers CC

6. John Shillingford Private Member

7. James Danvers Brighton Mitre CC

8. Simon Dowling Brighton Mitre CC

9. Timothy Mantle Brighton Mitre CC

10. Timothy Dymott Army Cycling Union

11. Oliver Phillips Brighton Mitre CC

12. Chris Griggs Crawley Wheelers

13. Richard Giles 7Oaks

14. Mathew Hare Private Member

15. Daniel Fagg Brighton Mitre CC

16. Jack Stuart KSM

17. Michael Welch Farnborough & Camberly CC

Under 16:

1. Laurence Jones PPYCC

2. Nile Jones PPYCC

Under 14:

1. Joe Hill

2. Jack Algar VO2 Development Team

3. George Sales Redhill CC

Under 10:

1. Freddie Newman PPYCC

2. Rahul Fortescue PPYCC

3. Harvey Algar PPYCC

4. Milo Mergler PPYCC

5. Zoe Algar PPYCC

Under 8:

1. Frank Newman PPYCC

2. Arun Talwar PPYCC

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