Road: Mickelburgh is victorious at Surrey League Road Race

Road: Mickelburgh is victorious at Surrey League Road Race

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Location: Dunsfold, Surrey
Event: 27 July 2013
Report: Snowdon Sports

James Mickelburgh (London Dynamo) took his second win of the season in the third category Surrey League Road Race in Dunsfold, Surrey.

The race hosted by South Western RC had a good field of 55 riders who competed over 58-mile on a warm Saturday afternoon.

Mickelburgh, aged 35, showed he was the fastest at the finish to take his second victory of the season following his win at the Portsmouth Circuit Race round ten.

Coming home in second place was 28-year-old Paul Drake from Middlesex and taking third place was Ryan Smith from Farnborough.


1 James Mickelburgh London Dynamo

2 Paul Drake

3 Ryan Smith VC Meudon

4 Matthew Farren Brighton Mitre

5 Robert Quin Brighton Mitre

6 James Wright Charlotteville CC

7 Shane Pope Bayeux Cycling Team

8 Jon Healy

9 David Mitchell

10 Neil Richardson Private Member

11 Keith Griffin Kingston Wheelers

12 Michael Gates Kingston Wheelers

13 Simon Bromley London Dynamo

14 Andrew Snowball VC de Londres

15 William Lane VC Meudon

16 Phillip Jemmison Redhill Cycling Club

16 Paul Barnard Southdowns Bikes

18 Joel Draper Brighton Mitre

18 Michael Woodland unattached

20 Stephen Cavey Catford CC

21 Cliff Steele Brixton Cycles CC

22 David Beckett London Dynamo

23 John Philips Brighton Mitre

24 Richard Simmons VC Meudon

25 Eric Young Hounslow & District

26 Scott Sheperd London Dynamo

27 Nathan Hereward Kingston Wheelers

28 Seamus Kelly Kingston Wheelers

29 Colin Gunn Kingston Wheelers

30 Giles Porter London Dynamo

31 Adam Moore Dassi RT

32 Ian Glen ASL360

33 Andrew Seltzer InGear Quickvit Trainsharp

34 William McAvock London Dynamo

35 Ed Francis Kingston Wheelers

36 Stuart Fahey Brighton Mitre

37 Mike Smith

38 Brian Hennessey Redhill Cycling Club

39 James D'Arcy Southdown Velo

40 Murray Quiney Southdown Velo

41 Andrew Keynes VC Meudon

42 Matthew Bubear Southdowns Bikes

43 Niall Shannon Veloclub Edinburgh

44 Jack Evans Brighton Mitre

45 Ian O'Sullivan Kingston Wheelers

46 Mark Taylor VC Meudon

47 Alexander Donaldson London Dynamo

48 Dale Bemis VC Meudon

49 Richard Varian Epsom CC

50 Lee Staples GS Avanti CC

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