Road: McGillick cruises to Blackpool win

Road: McGillick cruises to Blackpool win

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Location: Palatine Circuit, Blackpool
Event: 20 July 2013
Report: Ben Goddard/Snowdon Sports

Ryan McGillick (Mossley CRT) won the 3/4 category race at round three of the Palatine circuit race series in Blackpool making it his ninth win of the season.

The youth riders dominated the 3/4 race with the top three places all going to under-16 riders with dispensation to ride with the seniors.

Fifteen-year-old McGillick added the win to his long list of victories ahead of Rian Hill (Classic RT) in second place and Robert Armstrong (Epic Cycles RT) in third.

The women’s race was won by 34-year-old Heather Bamforth from Manchester taking her first ever win ahead of Sarah Griffiths also from Manchester in second and Frances White (Champion Systems) in third.

In the under-16 race Rian Hill (Classic RT) took his fourth win of the season from Timothy Jones (Cycle Sport Pendle) in second and Thomas Figgins (Bolton Hot Wheels) in third.

In the other youth races there was wins for Alistair Leivers (Blackpool Youth Cycling) in the under-14’s, Issac Peatfield (Bolton Hot Wheels) in the under 12’s, Ben Peatfield (Bolton Hot Wheels) in the under-10’s and Scott Fisher (Furness Future Flyers) in the under-8’s.


1 Ryan McGillick (Mossley CRT)
2 Rian Hill (Classic RT)
3 Robert Armstrong (Epic Cycles RT)
4 Connor French (Cycle Sport Pendle)
5 Neil Welsh (Cycle Sport Pendle)
6 Graham McMurray (Cleveleys RC)
7 Ben Howe (Cycle Sport Pendle)
8 Greg Plummer (Lancs Fire Racing)
9 Paul Sparrow (Cleveleys RC)
10 Daniel Eden (unattached)

1 Heather Bamforth (Stetford Whls CC)
2 Sarah Griffiths (Manchester Whls CC)
3 Frances White (Champion Systems)
4 Claire Rutherford (Team Wheelguru)

1 Rian Hill (Classic RT)
2 Timothy Jones (Cycle Sport Pendle)
3 Thomas Figgins (Bolton Hot Wheels)

1 Alistair Leivers (Blackpool Youth Cycling)
2 Nathan Hawthorn (Eastlands Velo)
3 Luke Cheetham (Eatlands Velo)

1 Issac Peatfield (Bolton Hot Wheels)
2 Charlie Page (Clitheroe Bike Club)
3 Adam Hathaway (Bolton Hot Wheels)

1 Ben Peatfield (Bolton Hot Wheels)
2 Spencer Unsworth (Blackpool Youth)
3 Cameron O’Neil (unattached)

1 Scott Fisher (Furness Future Flyers)
2 Deetry Jarrett (Preston Pirates BMX Club)
3 Joel Sargeant (Blackpool Youth)
1st girl Imogen Peatfield (Bolton Hot Wheels)

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