Road:  Torrie makes it three in a row at Hog Hill

Road: Torrie makes it three in a row at Hog Hill

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Location: Redbridge Cycling Centre, Hainault, Essex
Event: 6 July 2013
Report: Snowdon Sports

Winner of the opening two races, Tim Torrie (Chelmer CC) duly complerted a hat-trick of under-14 victories in the third round of Lee Valley Youth CC’s Summer Series on the Hog Hill circuit.

Harrison Jones (VO2 Development) opened his win account for the year in the under-16 race, while first-round winner Alexi Edwards (Welwyn Wheelers) came out on top again in the under-12s.

Mitchell Lacey (Barking & Dagenham CC) successfully followed up his round two win in the under-10s, and Joseph Hadsley (Bedfordshire Road CC) added to his opening race win in the under-8s.


1 Harrison Jones (VO2 Development)
2 Jordan Mooney (Welwyn Wheelers)
3 Callum O’Hara (Lee Valley Youth CC)
4 Tom Yiangou (
5 Matt Clements (Lee Valley Youth CC)
6 Oliver Cliff (Vc de Londres)
Girl: Sophia Chastell (Welwyn Wheelers)
1 Tim Torrie (Chelmer CC)
2 Louis Rose-Davies (Hillingdon Slipstreamers)
3 Tom Easley (Crawley Wheelers)
4 Toby Miles (Welwyn Wheelers)
5 George Finch (PMR@Toachim House)
6 Matt Shepherd (Lee Valley Youth CC)
Girl: Harriet Mellor (Hillingdon Slipstreamers)
1 Alexi Edwards (Welwyn Wheelers)
2 Owen Williams (Lee Valley Youth CC)
3 Sam Asker (West Suffolk Wheelers)
4 Fraser Elsworth (West Suffolk Wheelers)
5 Harrison Powell (Lee Valley Youth CC)
6 Liam Hanks (Barking & Dagenham CC)
1 Josie Griffin (Welwyn Wheelers)
2 Emily Knight (Lee Valley Youth CC)
3 Molly Konchersky (Barking & Dagenham CC)
1 Mitchell Lacey (Barking & Dagenham CC)
2 Caelan Miller (Lee Valley Youth CC)
3 Joe Kiely (Welwyn Wheelers)
4 James Fraser (CC Ashwell)
5 Sammy Gage (Welwyn Wheelers)
6 Daniel Hall (Colchester Rovers CC)
Girl: Maya Teufel-Tarlton (Lee Valley Youth CC)
1 Joseph Hadsley (Bedfordshire Road CC)
2 Daniel Lloyd (San Fairy Ann CC)
3 Brody Knight (Lee Valley Youth CC)
4 Serafino Sella (CC Hackney
5 Callum Moir (Lee Valley Youth CC)
6 Victoria Asker (West Suffolk Wheelers)

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