Road: Carpenter chisels out victory in Redhill RR

Road: Carpenter chisels out victory in Redhill RR

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Location: Norwood Hill circuit, Surrey
Event: 29 June 2013
Report: Phillip Jemmison/Snowdon Sports

South East Road Race Champion Dante Carpenter (Pedal Heaven RT) secured victory in the Redhill CC Road Race in Surrey on Saturday, the 18-year-old from Dorking edging to victory in a thrilling two-rider sprint finish to the 85-mile race.

A field of 71 riders were greeted by superb conditions for the race, which was marshalled by members of the Redhill Cycling Club with assistance from Evans Cycles.

The riders kept together on the first lap with Andy Betts (Felt-Colbornes-Hargroves RT) winning the prime.

During lap two a break started forming which was established during lap three with seven riders gaining 55 seconds on the peloton.

By lap five riders were scattered with a leading couple of Matthew Higgins (Felt-Colbornes-Hargroves RT) and Ian Paine (London Dynamo) having 2:40 over the chasers, which was followed by two more bunches before the peloton.

Lap six saw racers bridge from one of the chasing groups to the leaders, who were still ahead of the peloton by 2:40.

At the start of the last lap Chris McNamara (Pedal Heaven RT) took the prime. At this stage the leading group was still followed by two further groups and then the peloton. The leading group had extended their lead to 3:20 on the peloton.

During the race there were delays caused by horses, tractors, together with rider mechanicals and crashes, all of which were resolved professionally by the officials.

Prizes were presented after the event by Redhill Cycling Club president John Eglinton and Evans Cycles.


1 Dante Carpenter (Pedal Heaven RT) 3:20:00
2 Mike Debney (London Dynamo)
3 Hugh Wilson (NFTO)
4 Matthew Higgins (Felt-Colbornes-Hargroves RT)
5 Ashley Cox (CC Luton)
6 Alex Camier (Pedal Heaven RT)
7 Nicholas Wilkinson (Aprire Bicycles)
8 Chris McNamara (Pedal Heaven RT)
9 Dean Shannon (Twenty 3C)
10 Ian Paine (London Dynamo)

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