Road: Debney wins again at Hog Hill

Road: Debney wins again at Hog Hill

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Location: Redbridge Cycling Centre, Essex
Event: 13 June 2013
Report: Snowdon Sports

Mike Debney (London Dynamo) won his fifth round out of six in the E/1/2 race in the summer series round six at Hog Hill.

Debney, 30, from London started the season as a third category rider but has now moved up to a first cat after amounting 266 points including ten wins.

Debney took the victory ahead of Steve Lampier (Node4) in second and Ian Paine (London Dynamo) coming home third.

Fifteen-year-old Lewis Stevens (Strada-Sport) won the 3/4 to make it his eighth win of the season ahead of James Moncreiff (Finchley RT) in second and Kendal Noctor from Hackney came home third.

Alexi Shaw, 33, from London took her sixth win of the season in the women’s race ahead of Astrid Wingler (Team CTC) in second and Laura Cameron took third.


1 Mike Debney (London Dynamo)
2 Steve Lampier (Node4)
3 Ian Paine (London Dynamo)
4 Simas Raguckas (unattached)
5 Tom Neale (Spalding CC)
6 Joe Giggins (Pro Cycle Hire)
7 Rhys Keepence (Dulwich Paragon CC)
8 Jack Steven (East London Velo)
9 Jack Beezer (Edinburgh RC)
10 James Fairbank (Cycling Club Hackney)

1 Lewis Stevens (Strada-Sport)
2 James Moncreiff (Finchley RT)
3 Kendal Noctor (The 5th floor CC)
4 Paul Saunders (Glendene CC)
5 Thomas Beasley (East London Velo)
6 Trevor Whittock (Lea Valley CC)
7 Myles Willis (Dulwich Paragon CC)
8 Charles Kennedy (Scott CC)
9 Duncan Rimmer (Morden Cycle RC)
10 Stephen Tribe (Velosport RT)

1 Alexi Shaw (Les Filles RT)
2 Astrid Wingler (Team CTC)
3 Laura Cameron (unattached)
4 Rachael Cottier (London Phoenix)
5 Francesca Morgans-Slader (Lee Valley Velo)

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