Road: Quick Cornish Series double for Watts

Road: Quick Cornish Series double for Watts

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Location: Perranporth Airfield, St Agnes, Cornwall
Event: 5 June 2013
Report: Snowdon Sports

Winner the previous week, Daniel Watts (RAF CC) made it two in a row in the fifth round of the Cornish Series as he led home a small field at Perranporth Airfield.

The 23-year-old, whose family home is in Telford, Shropshire, took the verdict ahead of current South West Region criterium champion Adrian Sluman (Plymouth Corinthian CC).

Junior Luc Hesdon (One All Cycling) also made it two successive victories in the race for third and fourth categories, while Ashley Gower (Penzance Wheelers), 19, and 20-year-old Lyndsey Glazier (Team Hope Factory Racing) both got off the mark for the season with victories in, respectively, the fourth-category and women’s races.


1 Daniel Watts (RAF CC)
2 Adrian Sluman (Plymouth Corinthian CC)
3 Garry James (Penzance Wheelers)
4 Duncan Heywood (One And All Cycling)
5 Tim McEvoy (Newquay Velo)
6 Russ Parkin (Plymouth Corinthian CC)

1 Luc Hesdon (One And All Cycling)
2 Craig Maude (Rock Racing Team UK)
3 James Plumb (BC Private Member)
4 Nick Boyd (BC Private Member)
5 Phil Coad (BC Private Member)
6 Hari Slade (Penzance Wheelers)

1 Ashley Gower (Penzance Wheelers)
2 Mark Reckless (Plymouth Corinthian CC)
3 Daniel Strong (Tavistock Wheelers)
4 Connor Cranfield (CS South Hams)
5 Andrew Banfield (BC Private Member)
6 Gareth Thyer (Newquay Velo)

1 Lyndsey Glazier (Team Hope Factory Racing)
2 Sienna Chapman (One And All Cycling)
3 Alison Hooper (Mid Devon CC)
4 Penny Colloff (One And All Cycling)
5 Josephine Gilbert (One And All Cycling)
6 Gail Asben (Squadra Donne-Shutt VR)

1 Alfie Peters (One And All Cycling)
2 Josef Fitzgerald-Patrick (BC Private Member)
3 Jess Beckham (One And All Cycling)

1 Toby Peters (One And All Cycling)
2 Jamelia Powell (One And All Cycling)
3 Millie Revell (One And All Cycling)

1 Sam Medlyn (One And All Cycling)
2 Arron Martyn (One And All Cycling)
3 Ruben Ward (One And All Cycling)

1 Henry Howells (CS South Hams)
2 Abby Martyn (One And All Cycling)

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