Road: McDowell sprints to Surrey League victory

Road: McDowell sprints to Surrey League victory

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Location: Dunsfold Park, Cranleigh, Surrey
Event: 31 May 2013
Report: Snowdon Sports

Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers’ Tim McDowell sprinted to victory in the Surrey League’s latest fourth category series race at Dunsfold Park, Cranleigh, on Friday.

The 36-year-old from Wimborne crossed the line two seconds ahead of his nearest rival at the end of round four of the popular series.

Second spot went to 19-year-old Southampton-based racer Frank Kilsby (Hargroves Cycles), while another four seconds off the pace was veteran Tom Rampulla, the 47-year-old Liphook Racing Team rider from Cobham


1 Tim McDowell Bournemouth Jubilee 4 01:14:08

2 Frank Kilsby Hargroves Cycles 4 @ 0:02

3 Tom Rampulla Liphook RT 4V @ 0:06

4 Rick Garman Fareham Wheelers 4V

5 Jonathan Ellsmore Charlotteville CC 4

6 Simon Worthington VC Meudon 4

7 Dominic Maxwell Worthing Excelsior 4V

8 Michael Hancock Dorking CC 4

9 James Bonham Redhill Cycling Club 4

10 Kieran Barber Redhill Cycling Club 4

11 Jonathan Wren Cleveleys RC 4

12 Simon Head Dulwich Paragon CC 4

13 Ben Sharp Strada Wheels 4

14 Ben Voller Twickenham CC 4

15 Kevin Wilson Worthing Excelsior 4

16 Paul Mew Charlotteville CC 4

17 Neil James Dorking CC 4V

18 Darron Muggeridge Worthing Excelsior 4V

19 Simon Parker Crawley Wheelers 4

20 Christian Benneyworth Wyndymilla 4

21 Stuart Davison Redhill Cycling Club 4

22 Peter Eveleigh Redhill Cycling Club 4V

23 Peter Farnfield Redhill Cycling Club 4V

24 Brian Costello Redhill Cycling Club 4V

25 Tom Hough Dorking CC 4

26 Ed Raynard Brighton Mitre 4

27 Tom Baker VC Meudon 4

28 Reiner Singn San Fairy Ann CC 4

29 Dominic Laval Private Member 4

30 Stuart Grieg Redhill Cycling Club 4V

31 P Wilson Private Member 4

32 Rob McDonough Private Member 4

33 James Willerton Dorking CC 4

34 Alan Newman Brighton Mitre 4

35 Christopher Dean B2P 4V

36 Matt Peel Redhill Cycling Club 4

37 Neil Gorman Liphook RT 4V

38 Matthew Bugg Dulwich Paragon CC 4

39 Jeremy Lloyd Southdown Velo 4

40 Darren Heath Charlotteville CC 4V

41 James Horan Southdowns Bikes 4V

42 James Nilly Private Member 4

43 Seb Fox Redhill Cycling Club 4

44 Daniel Fagg Brighton Mitre 4V

45 Edward O'Neil Dorking CC 4

46 Tony Eveleigh Worthing Excelsior 4V

47 Keith Johnson Club CycloPark 4 @ 1 lap

48 Mat Booth Charlotteville CC 4

dnf Jim Ford Dorking CC 4V

dnf Simon Atkinson Worthing Excelsior 4

dnf Howard Wagstaff Cranleigh CC 4

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