Road: Dexter makes it two for the Season

Road: Dexter makes it two for the Season

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Location: Thoresby Park, Ollerton, Newark, Nottinghamshire
Event: 18 May 2013
Report: Snowdon Sports

Chesterfield’s Jonathan Dexter (We Love Mountains RT) secured his second circuit race win of the year with victory over a full field for the fourth-category senior race at a well-supported Forest Town Aces meeting.

The 25-year-old crossed the line ahead of off-road specialist Aron Marshall (Sherwood Pines CC) and Jamie Walker-Jones (Nottingham Clarion CC).

Youth won the day in the 45-minute women’s race with 17-year-old Manchester junior Haley Jones (Node4 Giordana Women’s Team) taking the verdict ahead of 15-year-old Grace Garner (RST Racing).


4th Cat:
1 Jonathan Dexter (We Love Mountains RT)
2 Aron Marshall (Sherwood Pines CC)
3 Jamie Walker-Jones (Nottingham Clarion CC)
4 Alex Green (VC Lincoln)
5 Daniel Ladle (BBM Revolution CC)
6 Antony Richardson (RAF CC)
7 Michael Adlington (VC Lincoln)
8 Paul Dobson (Ashfield RC)
9 Matthew Tarrant (Beeston CC)
10 Iain McKinlay (Newark Castle CC)

1 Haley Jones (Node4 Giordana Women’s Team)
2 Grace Garner (RST Racing)
3 Lauren Brown (Abergavenny RC)
4 Emily Nelson (Solihull CC)
5 Hannah Walker (Matrix Fitness Racing Academy)
6 Lauren O’Brien (RST Racing)
7 Sarah Kennedy (Matlock CC)
8 Jessica O’Brien (Aire Valley RT)
9 Gemma Slougal (Dinnington RC)
10 Isabelle Clarke (Lichfield City CC)

1 Joey Walker (RST Racing)
2 Tom Weeds (Derby Mercury RC)
3 Tim James (Bourne Wheelers)

1 Emma Price (Derby Mercury RC)
2 Rebecca Richards (Newark Castle CC)
3 Jenifer McAndrew (Witham Wheelers)

1 Adam Botteley (Bourne Wheelers)
2 Matt Ellis (Spalding CC)
3 Adam Egner (Witham Wheelers)

1 Maddy Gammons (Bourne Wheelers)
2 Isabel Darvill (Newark Castle CC)
3 Ava Oxley (Wakefield Tri)

1 Edward Woodward (Coventry RC)
2 Josh Scales (Derby Mercury RC)
3 Kerrigan Robb (Light Source)

1 Ava Oxley (Wakefield Tri)
2 Sarah Briggs (Matlock CC)
3 Amber Scales (Derby Mercury RC)

1 Max Poole (Lincs Squad)
2 Ben Chiltern (Derby Mercury RC)
3 Josh Giddings (Heanor Clarion CC)

1 Rose Price (Derby Mercury RC)

1 Otto Chiltern (Derby Mercury RC)
2 Charlie Colstern-Shields (Lichfield City CC)
3 Jake Kennedy (VC Lincoln)

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