Road: Carpenter leads clean sweep for Pedal Heaven

Road: Carpenter leads clean sweep for Pedal Heaven

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Location: Edenbridge, Kent
Event: 19 May 2013
Report: Snowdon Sports
Photo: Dave Hayward

Second-category Dante Carpenter pulled off the best result of his career as he powered away from his Pedal Heaven RT team-mate Jake Martin on the climb to the finish to win the South East Region title in Kent.

The field split on the first lap of the Edenbridge circuit in the 88-mile race, promoted by the SERR League, with a 13-strong lead group forming at the front containing five from the dominant Pedal Heaven squad.

Their advantage reached three minutes over the rest of the field as they moved on to a smaller finishing circuit where Martin attacked first time up the climb.

His lead hovered at around 20 seconds until Carpenter jumped across to him next time up the climb, and the pair worked together to maintain a gap over the rest until fighting it out on the third and final ascent to the finish with Dave Creeggan taking third place to complete a clean sweep for Pedal Heaven ahead of Harry Godding (PMR@Toachim House).

“I’ve raced in Belgium and won a few races over there, but this tops it,” said 18-year-old Carpenter, from Dorking. “I’m still missing some teeth from a training crash about a month ago, so this is really nice!

“Jake was dangling a little bit and it was a benefit to both of us when I got across to him. It’s a long climb to the finish, I’m a bit smaller than he is, and I was a few seconds clear at the top.

“I had a good result at the Totnes two-day, but the Lincoln Grand Prix was another matter – the Premier Calendar races are a class above this. I’ll just keep training hard and see where it goes this year – I’m lucky that I’ve started working at Trainsharp with Sean Yates, it’s just been fantastic and has pushed me on. I really benefitted from it today.”

Hastings also won the Southend Wheelers’ Andrews Trophy, while fourth-placed Owen Lake ( is the first recipient of the Alan Rosner Memorial Trophy as the best under-23, an award which will be presented annually.


1st Dante Carpenter Pedal Heaven RT2

2nd Jake Martin Pedal Heaven RT E U23

3rd David Creeggan Pedal Heaven RT E

4th Harry Godding PMR@Toachim House 1 U23

5th Nick Wilkinson Aprire Bicycles RT 1

6th Robert Moore London Phoenix CC 1

7th FrancisCade Pedal Heaven RT E

8th Chris Macnamara Pedal Heaven RT Elite

9th Alex Higham Felt Colbornes RT Elite

10th Jamie Pine Pedal Heaven E

11th Anders Christensen Pedal Heaven RT

12th Harold Evans Aprire RT 1

13th Luke Ryan Twent3c RT 1

14th Liam Maybank Twickenham CC Evans Cycles 3

15th Shaun Duffield Team Gwb-ACTiV 3

16th Maurice Brennan Redhill CC 2

17th James Local London Dynamo 2

18th Andrew Keynes VC Meudon 3V

19th Rob Sharland Kingston Wheelers 2

20th Robert McCarthy Pedal Heaven RT 1

21st Will Hunt Norwood Paragon 2

22nd Chris Wood VC Meudon 1

23rd William Pratt Aprire Bicycles RT 1

24th Mark McCullagh Dulwich Paragon 2V

25th Chris Dick London Phoenix 2

26th Keith Lea Addiscombe CC 2

27th Jonathan Harris GS Avanti 3

28th Nick Collins PMR@Toachim Hhouse 3

29th Mat Hammond Dulwich Paragon 3

30th Wayne van Ry ViCiOUS VELO 3

31st Martin O'Grady PMR@Toachim House 2

32nd Darrell Pembroke VC Meudon 2

33rd Richard Bettaney Forme Coaching-Pactimo 2

34th Malcolm Davies Aprire Bicycles RT 1

35th Michael Barnes Aprire Bicycles RT 3 U23

36th Mike Lancaster VC Meudon 2

37th Stephen Swindley PMR @ Toachim 2

38th Albert Ellison VC Meudon 2

39th James Walsby Catford CC Banks Equipe 3

40th Gianluca Cappello VC Meudon 2V

41st Michael Williams Dulwich Paragon CC 2

42nd David Seager San Fairy Ann CC 2

43rd Peter Mahoney Sydenham Wheelers 3v

44th Josh Parkin Aprire Bicycles RT 2J

45th Richard Unwin VC Meudon 2

46th Ciaran O'Grady "PMR@Toachim House 2

47th Jez McCann 4t+ Velo Junior

48th Phil Dempsey Aprire Bicycles 1

49th Sean ORegan PMR@Toachim House 2

DNF Andy Edwards Kingston Wheelers CC 2V

DNF Joe Godding PMR@ToachimHouse 3

DNF Fraser Wildman PMR@Toachim House

DNF Lee Smith Felt-Colbornes RT E

DNF Stephen Cavey Catford Cycling Club Banks 3

DNF David Kennett Norwood Paragon C.C. 3

DNF Brian Macpherson VC Meudon 3

DNF Andrew Snook Kingston Wheelers 3

DNF Simon Mcnamara Southdowns Bikes 3

DNF Warren Jesse 2

DNF Tim Elverson Pedal Heaven RT elite

DNF Scott Gilchrist 4T+ Velo Club 3

DNF Rhys Clegg PMR@Toachim House 2

DNF Jack Edwards Catford Banks Equipe Jeff Banks 2 U23

DNF Craig Wilson VC Meudon 2

DNF Symon Lewis Nuun-YB-London Nuun 1

DNF George Gori Nuun YB London 2

DNF Drew Holmes Southdown Bikes 3

DNF Cameron Fraser Nuun-YB-London 2

DNF Andy Lack Kingston Wheelers 2V

DNF Derek Wiles 3

DNF Steve Skuse BC Private 3

DNF Nick Dibble 4t+ Velo 2V

DNF Simon Collins Dulwich Paragon 2V

DNF Darren Barclay Artic Sram 1

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