Road: Grivell-Mellor takes Wolverhampton win

Road: Grivell-Mellor takes Wolverhampton win

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Location: Shrewbury Sports Village, Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Event: 30 March 2013
Report: Snowdon Sports

Returning to the circuit where he honed his racing skills, Luke Grivell-Mellor (Rapha Condor JLT) sprinted to a narrow victory in the feature race of the Wolverhampton Wheelers meeting at Shrewsbury Sports Village.

The Shrewsbury 20-year-old, sharpened by his efforts in the Tour of Normandy which finished last weekend, edged out James Locker (V Sprint) and Elliott Reynolds (Solihull CC) on a cold but dry afternoon.

Winners of the supporting male races were Pete Banham (Fred Williams Cycles) and Jimmy Kershaw (Mid Shropshire Wheelers), while Jennifer Edwards (Rhos On Sea CC) followed up her clean sweep in the Race To The Spring Series at Rhyl by winning the women’s event.


1 Luke Grivell-Mellor (Rapha Condor JLT)
2 James Locker (V Sprint)
3 Elliott Reynolds (Solihull CC)
4 Richard Wilkinson (4 Star Racing)
5 Dave Griffiths (Paramount CRT)
6 Adam Lewis (Wolverhampton Wheelers CC)
7 Liam Holohan (Madison Genesis )
8 Mike Harrison (4 Star Racing)
9 Todd Hotchkiss (Clay Cross RT)
10 Wayne Coombes (Winchcombe CC)

1 Pete Banham (Fred Williams Cycles)
2 Paul Nichols (Mid Shropshire Wheelers)
3 Michael Tarling (West Wales CRT)
4 Lee Sullivan (Mid Shropshire Wheelers)
5 Chris Welburn (Forme Bikes UK)
6 John Murphy (Decathlon Wednesbury)
7 Martin Boakes (CC Luton)
8 Josh Williams (Parmount CRT)
9 James Ireson (WWCC)
10 Ryan Phillips (WWCC)
1 Jimmy Kershaw (Mid Shrophsire Wheelers)
2 Graham South (Paramount CRT)
3 lan Phillips (WWCC)
4 Nicholas Jones (TRCC)
5 Stephen Duddridge (Climb On Bikes)
6 Dan Cox (Lichfield City CC)
7 George Cow (Hafren)
8 John Ireson (WWCC)
9 Ben Manfeild-Yorke (WWCC)
10 Preslav Dimtrov (Solihull CC)
1 Jennifer Edwards (Rhos On Sea CC)
2 Eleanor Jones (VC St Raphael)
3 Paige Milward (Squadra Donne Shutt VR)
4 Kate Evans (TTN)
5 Isabelle Clarke (Lichfield City CC)
6 Rosie Croggon (Birmingham University CC)
Under-16 Boys:
1 Ryan Phillips (WWCC)
2 James Ellmore (Mid Shropshire Wheelers)
3 James Ireson (WWCC)
4 Alex Harvey (Marsh Track RT)
5 Matthew Wallis (Velocity)
6 Nicholas Jones (TRCC)
Under-16 Girls:
1 Paige Milward (Squadra Donne Shutt VR)
2 Emily Capewell (Lichfield City CC)
3 Beth Coupland (Mid Shropshire Wheelers)
4 Megan Chard (Bush Healthcare)
5 Hetty Niblett (Mid Shropshire Wheelers)
6 Maisie Duckworth (WWCC)
Under-14 Boys:
1 Jake Stewart (Solihull CC)
2 Harry Yates (Lichfield City CC)
3 Charllie Cox (Lichfield City CC)
4 Ben Hardwick (WWCC)
5 Daniel Gibson (Liverpool Century RC)
6 Matt Lewis (WWCC)
Under-14 Girls:
1 Sophie-Jo Wyle-Morris (Abergavenny RC)
2 Gerorgia Hilleard (WWCC)
3 Alice Law (WWCC)
4 Ellie Russell (Mid Shropshire Wheelers)
5 Eloise Stevens (Solihull CC)
6 Connie Hudson (WWCC)
1 Lewis Askey (Lichfield City CC)
2 Daniel Cooper (Lichfield City CC)
3 Jack Rootkin-Gray (Solihull CC)
4 Jamieson Blain (Halesowen A&CC)
5 Adam Phillips (WWCC)
6 Ben Lewis (VW Melyd)
Elena Smith (Matlock CC)
1 Josh Tarling (West Wales CRT)
2 Ben Askey (Lichfield City CC)
3 Connor Smith (Lichfield City CC)
4 Griff Lewis (West Wales CRT)
5 Iolo Dafydd (Towy Riders)
6 Matt Garner (Welland Valley CC)
Libby Smith (Matlock CC)
1 Daniel Wylie Morris (Abergavenny RC)
2 Luke Harris (Halesowen A&CC)
3 Xavier Teece-Round (West Wales CRT)
4 Geran Jones (Towy Riders)
5 Finlay Tarling (West Wales CRT)
6 Alex Brown (Halesowen A&CC)
Bethany Bennett (Towy Riders)

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