Road: Tanfield takes victory at Middlesbrough

Road: Tanfield takes victory at Middlesbrough

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Location: Middlesbrough Cycle Circuit
Event: 23 March 2013
Report: Snowdon Sports

Teenager Harry Tanfield took victory at a freezing Middlesbrough Cycling Circuit on Saturday to win the fourth round of the Highfield Kitchens Spring Cup Series.

The 18-year-old, who rides for the Herbalife-Leisure Lakes team, held off James Alder (Velo 29) for the win, while Alder’s team-mate Matt Kipling took third in the E123 national B race.

In other action at a busy event, Ilkley CC’s Ben Halliworth took the win in the 3/4 cat race, while Grant Worrall (Achieve-Skinnergate Racing) was second and Matthew Worton (Blackhawk Bikes) third.

Alex Foster Team Motivo) won the fourth cat race from David Atkinson (Achieve-Skinnergate Racing), while Andrew Prenelle (Icarus Racing) was third.

And there were some great races throughout the youth programme as well as in the seniors.

In the Boys Under-16s Jake Dobson (Newcastle Phoenix) won from Alex Foster (Team Motivo), with Ben Forsyth (ERC) third. Hamish Turnbull (Tyneside Vagabonds) was best of the Under-14 boys, ahead of runner-up Richie Allen (Newcastle Phoenix) and Cameron Mellis (Discovery CC) third.

In the Under-12 boys race it was Stockton Wheelers’ Joe Wilson who prevailed, while Hetton Hawks’ Hugo Lutz-Atkinson took second ahead of his team-mate Matthew Brooks.

Tyneside Vagabonds duo Matthew Wells and Daniel Holmes took first and second respectively in the Under-10 boys race, while Patrick Killcullen (Stockton Wheelers) was third. And Joel Hurt (Stockton Wheelers) was top in the Under-8 boys.

In the girls racing, Kirsty Boak (Tyneside Vagabonds CC) was best under-16 girl, ahead of Alex Woodcock (Stockton Wheelers).

Fiona Turnbull (Tyneside Vagabonds) was fastest under-14 girl, while Ella Lazenby (Eastlands Velo) won the under-12s. Beth Orchard (Newcastle Phoenix) and Amelie Cleathero (Barnesbury CC) were Under-10 and Under-8 winners respectively.


1 Harry Tanfield (Herbalife-Leisure lakes)
2 James Alder (Velo 29-Blackhawk)
3 Matt Kipling (Velo 29-Blackhawk)
4 Thomas Bustard (Herbalife-Leisure Lakes)
5 Simon Baxter (Herbalife-Leisure Lakes)
6 Daniel Smith (TS Racing)
7 Jack Rees (Achieve-Skinnergate Racing)
8 Chris Fewtrell (Achieve-Skinnergate Racing)
9 Martin Hopkinson (Fietsen Tempo)
10 Simon West (Cyclesense)

3/4 Cat:
1 Ben Halliworth (Ilkley CC)
2 Grant Worrall (Achieve-Skinnergate Racing)
3 Matthew Worton (Blackhawk)
4 Richie Ranson (Houghton CC)
5 Daniel Bryant (Durham Univ CC)
6 Ben Forsyth (ERC)
7 Tony Dickinson (Sunderland Clarion)
8 Gary Taylor (Ferryhill Wheelers)
9 Graham Wood (Achieve-Skinnergate Racing)
10 Harry Craig (Motivo)

4th Cat:
1 Alex Foster (Team Motivo)
2 David Atkinson (Achieve-Skinnergate Racing)
3 Andrew Prenelle (Icarus Racing)
4 William Frazer (unattached)
5 Jamie Pattison (Blackhawk)
6 Dave Ranson (Houghton CC)
7 Joe Blackburn (Team Swift)
8 Phil Bliss (unattached)
9 Paul Robson (unattached)
10 Mark Jenkins (unattached)

1 Jake Dobson (Newcastle Phoenix)
2 Alex Foster (Team Motivo)
3 Ben Forsyth (ERC)

1 Hamish Turnbull (Tyneside Vagabonds)
2 Richie Allen (Newcastle Phoewnix)
3 Cameron Mellis (Discovery CC)

1 Joe Wilson (Stockton Wheelers)
2 Hugo Lutz-Atkinson (Hetton Hawks)
3 Matthew Brooks (Hetton Hawks)

1 Matthew Wells (Tyneside Vagabonds)
2 Daniel Holmes (Tyneside Vagabonds)
3 Patrick Killcullen (Stockton Wheelers)

Under-8s: Joel Hurt (Stockton Wheelers)

1 Kirsty Boak (Tyneside Vagabonds)
2 Alex Woodcock (Stockton Wheelers)

Under-14s: Fiona Turnbull (Tyneside Vagabonds)

1 Ella Lazonby (Eastlands Velo)
2 Robyn Jones (Stockton Wheelers)
3 Eve Baines (Stockton Wheelers)

1 Beth Orchard (Newcastle Phoenix)
2 Letitia Hay (Hetton Hawks)

Under-8s: Amelie Cleathero (Barnesbury CC)

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