Road: Bustard wins latest CDNW League Road Race

Road: Bustard wins latest CDNW League Road Race

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Location: Nateby, Lancashire
Event: 17 March 2013
Report: Snowdon Sports

Herbalife-Leisure Lakes rider Tommy Bustard secured victory in the third round of the CDNW Road Race League, staged at Nateby by Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service RT on Sunday.

He won a three-up sprint finish at the end of the 120-kilometre race for elite, first and second category riders, leaving Dillon Byrne (Champion System) and Michael Ashurst (Biketreks) to take second and third respectively.

The best of the rest came in three and a half minutes down, led in by Bustard’s team-mate Harry Tanfield (Herbalife-Leisure Lakes).

In the race for third and fourth category riders, Michael Rothwell (Manchester Wheelers) took victory at the end of the 90-kilometre race, while the women’s 64-kilometre race was won by Kate Archibald (City of Edinburgh RC).



1 Thomas Bustard Herbalife-Leisure Lakes 2:58:58

2 Dillon Byrne Champion Systems/Maxgear/Base st

3 Michael Ashurst Biketreks Racing Academy st

4 Harry Tanfield Herbalife-Leisure Lakes @3:30

5 Jack Waller Spirit Bikes Racing Team st

6 Ben Dean Team Leapfrog st

7 Tom Barras Wheelbase Altura MGD st

8 Andrew Hawdon Herbalife-Leisure Lakes st

9 Richard Hepworth Node4 - Giordana Racing st

10 Chris Sherriffs Team Leapfrog st

11 Stephen Abbott Teamwallis CHH Racing Team st

12 Levi Moody RST Racing Team st

13 #N/A #N/A #N/A st

14 Leigh Cowell Kuota - Spinergy - GSG st

15 James Sampson Herbalife-Leisure Lakes @4:07

16 Ross Edgar IG Sigma Sport @6:10

17 Simon Wilson Team Corley Cycles st

18 Sam Boast Team Sportscover st

19 Andrew Whitehall Equipe Velo Ecosse/Montpeliers st

20 Jake Cowen Biketreks Racing Academy st

21 Neil Robinson Lune RCC st

22 Frank Pilkington Bill Nickson Cycles RT st

23 Mark Hammersley Team Wheelguru st

24 Jamie Kennedy Paisley Velo Race Team st

25 Lee Carter Ribble Valley CRC st

26 Henry Hunter Teamwallis CHH Racing Team st

27 Michael Rawson Kuota - Spinergy - GSG st

28 Richard Bickley Border City Wheelers CC st

29 Shaun Pearson Ribble Valley CRC st

30 Alistair Rutherford Wheelbase Altura MGD st

31 Gabriel Cullaigh RST Racing Team st

32 Thomas Walsh Team Leapfrog st

33 Julian Pearson Teamwallis CHH RT @1 lap

34 Shaun Nicholson Blackhawk Bikes @1 lap

35 Jordan Rigby Teamwallis CHH Racing Team @1 lap

36 Mark McGavock Southport CC @1 lap

37 Martin Woffindin Cycle Sport Pendle @1 lap

38 Ashley Finn 0 @1 lap

39 James Dunlop Biketreks Racing Academy @1 lap


1 Michael Rothwell Manchester Whlrs Club

2 Mark Westwood 0 st

3 Michael Knight Team Hope Factory Racing st

4 Mark Dziobon Team Leapfrog st

5 Christopher Waters Ribble Valley Juniors st

6 Maciek Furczyk 4 Star Racing st

7 Christopher Taylor Border City Wheelers CC st

8 Carl Potter Lancashire RC st

9 Dylan Yates High On Bikes st

10 Nigel Kershaw Kuota - Spinergy - GSG st

11 Dan Spashett Team Wheelguru st

12 Adam Pickthall Lakes RC st

13 Adam Blakeley Pendle Forest CC @ 6 sec

14 Richard Flynn GMP Racing/McAuley Financial st

15 John Bamford Team Leapfrog st

16 John Dodgin Lune RCC st

17 Rob Wilkinson Oldham Century RC st

18 Andrew Butler Lune RCC st

19 Mark Anderson G M C Fire Services st

20 Colin Hodgson St Helens CRC/D.Sparrow Plumbing & Heating st

21 James Chamberlain Cyclesport International RT st

22 Graham Atkinson Lancaster CC st

23 Darran Acton Team Leapfrog st

24 Luke Douglas Chorlton Velo st

25 Fred Bamforth Private member st

26 Adam Sant St Helens CRC/D.Sparrow Plumbing & Heating st

27 Michael Lund Lancs Fire Racing st

28 Adam Baines Lancon Cycling Club st

29 Greg Plummer Lancs Fire Racing st

30 Martyn Gordon High On Bikes st

31 Kevin Ainsworth P.M. st

32 Chris Edwards Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC st

33 Christian Smith Manchester Whlrs Club st

34 Kristian Zentek Team Leapfrog st

35 Kevin McCann Liverpool Century RC st

36 Kamil Waligora Manchester Whlrs Club st

37 Simon Myerscough Ribble Valley CRC st

38 Jason Tonge Lancashire RC st

39 John Guy High On Bikes st

40 Geraint Parry Liverpool Century RC st

41 Chris Danby Preston CC st

42 David Cross Lancs Fire Racing @ 4:48

43 Stuart Blackburn Lancs Fire Racing @5:20

44 Mark Hamilton Chorlton Velo @9:02

45 Jonathan Rooke Wills Wheels Cycling Club st

46 Joseph Beech Lancaster University Cycling Club st

47 Simon Vazquez Chorlton Velo st

48 Andy Gray Wills Wheels Cycling Club st

49 David Trotter Lancaster CC st

50 Tony Hood Ribble Valley CRC @14:00

51 Duncan Smith Cleveleys R.C. st

52 Joe Westwood Cycle Sport Pendle @16:20


1 Kate Archibald City of Edinburgh RC

2 Flora Gillies Team ASL360

3 Louise Borthwick Edinburgh RC

4 Annabel Simpson Team Hope

5 Amy Gornall Scott Contessa Epic

6 Lauryn Therin Champion Systems/Maxgear/Base

7 Alexa Mair Edinburgh RC

8 Lauren O'Brien RST Racing Team

9 Zoe Armstrong Scott Contessa Epic

10 Jessica O'Brien Aire Valley Racing Team

11 Ruth Taylor Biketreks Racing Academy

12 Frances White Champion Systems/Maxgear/Base

13 Vanessa Whitfield VC St Raphael

14 Jo Blackburn Team Swift

15 Claire Martin Edinburgh RC

16 Olivia Tomlinson We Love Mountains Racing Team

17 Heather Bamforth Biketreks Racing Academy

18 Hannah Macdonald Liverpool Century RC

19 Elizabeth Waterhouse Biketreks Racing Academy

20 Jess Atkinson Team 22

21 Nicky Shaw Biketreks Racing Academy

22 Sam Thoy We Love Mountains Racing Team

23 Sarah Griffiths Manchester Whlrs Club

24 Joanne Blakeley Champion System/Maxgear/Base

25 Eve Dixon Champion System/Maxgear/Kyklos

26 Victoria Hood We Love Mountains Racing Team

27 Joanne Street Manchester Whlrs Club

28 Phoebe Sneddon Team Mulebar Girl - Sigma Sport @1:39

29 Nicola Soden Champion System/Maxgear/Base @3:30

30 Naomi Greenwood 0 @15:15

31 Anna Thomas Manchester Tri @ 1 lap

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