Road: Murison shows his strength for Omega win

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Location: Mountbatten Centre, Alexandra Park, Portsmouth
Event: 17 March 2013

In a select group of five riders who gained a lap on the bunch, Al Murison (Equipe CMI) edged out Andy Bryson (Peter Hansford RT) in the final sprint to win the main race of Racing Club Omega’s circuit meeting after an hour and five laps of racing.

The Devonian rider was active in the early stages of the race, trying several times to get away, and then after ten minutes of action he succeeded along with Bryson, Harrison Fielding (Poole Wheelers), Toby Neave (VC St Raphael) and Ian Legg (Primera Sport).

Henry Newbury (Fareham Wheelers) was also in the initial attack, but he slipped back and was collected by the bunch although continuing to work on the front to try to pull the race back together.

On a showery, cold day on the south coast, several riders found the conditions too bad and climbed off, while the brave souls who did manage to finish were all suffering in the headquarters at the finish, shivering and trying to locate feeling in their fingers.

Apart from the initial attacks in the early stages of the race, it wasn’t until the five riders got away that there was any counter attack and by that time it was too late.

A slow-run women’s race came down to a sprint where Hannah Manley (VC St Raphael) pipped team-mate Laura Clode on the line with Clare Gillett (Elite Cycling) in third.

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1 Al Murison (Equipe CMI)
2 Andrew Bryson (Peter Hansford RT)
3 Harrison Fielding (Poole Wheelers)
4 Toby Neave (VC St Raphael)
5 Ian Legg (Primera Sports) all same time

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