Road: Youth League honours shared in Wales

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Location: Marsh Tracks, Rhyl, Flintshire
Event: 7 July 2012
Report: Snowdon Sports

The Cycling Development North West Youth League paid a successful first visit to North Wales with 60-plus riders competing at Marsh Tracks, in Rhyl, and a spread of winners across the age groups.

Sam Ross (Beacon Wheelers) came out on top in the 20-lap Youth A race after finishing third behind winner Oliver Payton (Cycle Sport Pendle) in the six-lap opener, and the honours were also shared by Theo Hartley (Bolton Hot Wheels CC) and Thomas Humphrey (Eastlands Velo) in the Youth B races and Youth C winners Luke Cheetham (Eastlands Velo) and Euan Cameron (East Bradford CC).

Tyler Koch (Bolton Hot Wheels CC) and James Higham (H Middleton CC) scored respective Youth D and E doubles.


Youth A
Race 1
1 Oliver Payton (Cycle Sport Pendle) 11-08
2 Robert Richardson (Bolton Hot Wheels CC)
3 Sam Ross (Beacon Wheelers)
Girl: Urma Cox (BC Private Member)

Race 2
1 Sam Ross 39-06
2 Robert Richardson
3 Shane O’Hara (Limerick CC)
Girl: Urma Cox

Youth B
Race 1
1 Theo Hartley (Bolton Hot Wheels CC) 9-41
2 Reece Player (Mossley CRT)
3 Thomas Humphrey (Eastlands Velo)
Girl: Elain Medi Davies (Clwb Beicio Dwyfor)

Race 2
1 Thomas Humphrey 31-08
2 Theo Hartley
3 Tim Jones (Cycle Sport Pendle)
Girl: Elain Medi Davies

Youth C
Race 1
1 Luke Cheetham (Eastlands Velo) 6-17
2 Euan Cameron (East Bradford CC)
3 Halley Woods (Eastlands Velo)
Girl: Kim Baptista (Eastlands Velo)

Race 2
1 Euan Cameron 21-30
2 Luke Cheetham
3 Halley Woods
Girl: Kim Baptista

Youth D
Race 1
1 Tyler Koch (Bolton Hot Wheels CC) 2-39
2 Addam Hathaway (Bolton Hot Wheels CC)
3 Thomas Bates (Mossley CRT)

Race 2
1 Tyler Koch 8-18
2 Addam Hathaway
3 Thomas Bates

Youth E
Race 1
1 James Higham (H Middleton CC) 2-42
2 Sam Kendall (Liverpool Century RC)
3 Tom Elliott (Liverpool Century RC)
Girl: Isabel Koch (Bolton Hot Wheels CC)

Race 2
1 James Higham 8-18
2 Sam Kendall
3 Tom Elliott
Girl: Isabel Koch

British Cycling would like to thank the organising team, officials and everyone else who helped promote this event. Our sport could not exist without the hundreds of people, many of them unpaid volunteers, who put in many hours of hard work running events, activities and clubs.